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How to prevent parasitic loads

It’s a delicate balance for fleet managers between providing driver comfort, but having the trucks start in the morning.

Controller Area Network: CAN for trailers explained

CAN you explain how the network works on trailers? After this story you can.

Electric trucks are coming: We need training

You don’t have to wait for an EV to get started with training.

Taking the bull by the horns with truck electrical circuit testing

Corrosion increases resistance in the circuit which may lead to improper circuit operation and trouble codes.

Removing security locks can be frustrating. For example: Lunch time!

I grab the bread and begin to unwind the bag twist tie only to discover it grows tighter. Maybe the wire in the tie got knotted together? Or maybe someone thought twisting the tie 50 times would be funny. Am I tightening the tie instead of loosening it? Turning the tie counter-clockwise to the left

Seasonal maintenance tips as the cold weather rolls in

No one’s ever really ready for winter to move in—the cold weather, snow and wind that hurts your face, not to mention the slush and bad roads. Now I know what you’re probably thinking. “Tess, slow down. We’re barely into October,” and you’d be right but shortly after all the touchdowns have been scored and

Connecting ROI to tractor-to-trailer air, electrical back-of-cab components

As the industry is met with a rise in technological advancements and innovation, back-of-cab configuration of air and electrical trailer connections have been running on cruise control. Most fleets use what’s always worked and spend their energy figuring out the other stuff. Over the last several years, however, accelerated product development and design for back-of-cab

Protecting truck systems and components from cold weather-related changes

It’s that time of year again. Fall is upon us and on the horizon is colder weather. Next spring, the welcome warmth of the season will bring changes as well. And with those seasonal shifts come conditions that can sideline trucks. That’s a prospect that any fleet manager knows can raise costs for unscheduled repairs

WVE Vehicle Electronics introduces nearly 1,700 new part numbers in April

WVE Vehicle Electronics introduced 1,691 new part numbers in April, which are now available for a range of light and heavy-duty vehicle applications. In all, WVE announced 886 switches, 540 sensors, 113 emissions products, 93 solenoids, 23 ignition coils,19 fuel injection products, six voltage regulators and 11 other components – which includes more than 712

Eaton eMobility introduces battery disconnect unit with circuit protection technology

Power management company Eaton announced its eMobility business has introduced a battery disconnect unit (BDU) that can be combined with upgraded Breaktor circuit protection technology to provide circuit protection in electrified vehicles (EVs) while reducing overall complexity and cost, the company noted. When paired with the Breaktor circuit protection technology, which combines current switching and resettable bidirectional short-circuit protection

Eaton introduces DC-DC converters for 48-volt commercial vehicle architecture

Eaton introduced a family of 48-volt DC-DC converters for diesel-powered commercial vehicles that can be used to power accessories such as antilock brakes and lighting. Eaton’s DC-DC converters are operational in ambient temperatures up to 85 degrees Celsius and boast 97% design efficiency, according to the manufacturer. Eaton’s DC-DC converter takes power from a 48-volt system and

Learning the importance of truck electrical system PMs the hard way

The consequences of not attending to lighting and electrical maintenance can be harsh. Getting pulled over for a lamp issue on the trailer or tractor is an invitation for law enforcement to take a closer look at all your inspection points. Lights are one of the most visible components of any vehicle. In order to