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Moving the trucking industry forward with the Best Fleets to Drive For program

It’s not common to see companies willing to publicly share specific details as to what they’re doing to be successful. Typically, that information is held close to the vest. After all, that’s why Non-Disclosure Agreements were created–to prevent ‘insider’ information from spreading and losing competitive advantage. But the trucking industry plays by a different set

How the right driver workflow lets your drivers get to driving

Recording load and route data, checking in with dispatch, logging hours of service (HOS) (the FMCSA Final Rule change just took effect in September) … given the choice, drivers would rather be, well, driving.

The future of driver workflow is open wide

When it comes to driver retention, driver workflow technology is just as important for the fleet manager as it is to the driver. As data-gathering opportunities continue to grow, what can we expect to see from these applications in the future? According to Stephen White, senior business development manager, Class 8 market at Geotab, the

Data brings the joy back to driving

Capable drivers are the lifeblood of a fleet, and the race to recruit and retain them is fierce. Among large-fleet trucking companies, the quality of the driver experience that can be delivered has emerged as a significant differentiator. Operationally, fleets are constantly working to improve fleet efficiency in three areas: their fuel consumption and sourcing,