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EnerSys highlights Odyssey Connect battery monitoring system at TMC 2024

The company says the system sends battery state of charge and state of health to your phone through Bluetooth.

EnerSys introduces Odyssey Connect battery monitoring system

Additionally, users can view warning and safety notifications directly on their smart device and can review battery trends on a 24/7 basis.

EnerSys introduces Odyssey Pro batteries

EnerSys has introduced Odyssey Pro batteries, which the company says are engineered with an advanced carbon additive for more reserve capacity (up to 10%) and longer cycle life. According to the company, the batteries feature Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology to provide performance and long-lasting power for a variety of vehicle applications, including heavy-duty. TPPL technology

EnerSys Odyssey battery portfolio now includes NorthStar product line

EnerSys, manufacturer of Odyssey batteries, has expanded its Odyssey battery brand portfolio to now include products formerly sold under the NorthStar battery brand. As a result of the portfolio expansion, all NorthStar batteries for transportation applications will now be sold under the Odyssey battery brand. The expanded portfolio includes Odyssey Performance batteries; Odyssey Extreme batteries;

EnerSys celebrates 25 years of Odyssey batteries

EnerSys is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Odyssey batteries. Through a series of digital activities set to launch throughout 2021, EnerSys will highlight special Odyssey battery moments over the past 25 years. As part of this campaign, EnerSys will unveil a new video series that chronicles the customer’s personal journey using Odyssey batteries. Each video

EnerSys batteries to launch in TravelCenters of America

EnerSys, the manufacturer of Odyssey batteries, is teaming up with TravelCenters of America (TA) to offer Odyssey Performance and NorthStar Pro Group 31 batteries for heavy-duty applications in all TA locations throughout the U.S. As part of this exclusive agreement, the purchase of any of the Odyssey and NorthStar Group 31 batteries through a TA

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EnerSys gains approved vendor status for JIT Truck Parts

EnerSys recently achieved approved vendor status with JIT Truck Parts. Launched in 2010 and headquartered in Highland Park, Illinois, JIT Truck Parts is a distributor of heavy-duty aftermarket parts. With distribution centers throughout the U.S., their main locations are in Louisville, Kentucky; Reno, Nevada; and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. According to EnerSys, Odyssey batteries feature a three-

Must-do truck battery maintenance in the shop

You want to catch as many potential truck battery problems before they happen as you can, and that means checking the truck electrical system during preventative maintenance. Here’s how to get started. First, safety. “Technicians should always follow the shop rules for PPE equipment,” said Larry Rambeaux, sales application engineer for Purkeys. “The most obvious

Don’t let parasitic loads take a bite out of your truck batteries

More on-board, electronically-driven and controlled systems means more strain on your batteries that are already faced with tackling tough applications and pandemic-driven changing duty cycles. “Parasitic loads are ever-increasing,” said Vicki Hall, director of transportation technical solutions for EnerSys. “The more electronics and creature comforts are being added to trucks, especially sleeper cabs, the higher

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How summer heat drains your truck batteries (and what you can do about it)

Ask any heavy-duty truck battery or electrical system expert about the summer heat’s adverse impact on battery performance and they’ll likely share the age-old adage: “Summer heat and sun are what kills a battery; it just doesn’t know it’s dead until it gets cold.” (Seriously, I asked five experts and that was every single answer.)

Combating cold weather electrical issues

Proper preventive maintenance can go a long way toward eliminating battery and other electrical issues.

Test your truck triage skills

Fleet service managers, start your diesel diagnosis engines!