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Diesel Technology Forum shares data on diesel’s strong market position, bright future

Speaking on a panel at Fuels2019, the annual meeting of the Fuels Institute, Diesel Technology Forum Executive Director Allen Schaeffer shared he believes the future for diesel technologies in freight transportation is bright.

Diesel technology forum
Watch: How remote diagnostics can improve uptime

One of the biggest advantages of modern remote diagnostics systems for your engines is the ability to improve uptime. The main way this is done is by providing immediate information about events requiring service, including how serious the issue is.

TruckTech+ remote diagnostics available on Kenworth medium-duty conventional trucks

Kenworth is adding the TruckTech+ remote diagnostics system as an option for its medium-duty conventional trucks.

Jacobs Engine Brake now standard on International A26 engine

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has released the engine brake model 5783A as standard equipment on the International A26 engine.

A guide to today’s aftertreatment systems: How they’re improving and how to maintain them

According to the manufacturers, the accumulation of a decade-plus of knowledge has informed the designs of new aftertreatment systems, and they are much improved compared to their earlier counterparts.

Advancement in aftertreatment emissions systems increasing quality, performance

Dr. Barry Southward, director of technology for AP Emissions, says that the recent advancements in OEM aftertreatment systems has translated to aftermarket designs as well.

Watch: Ride along in Kenworth and Toyota’s new hydrogen-powered truck

At a recent event at the Port of Los Angeles, Kenworth and Toyota showcased a production model of the companies’ hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck, and we had the chance to go for a ride in the truck and test out the technology.

FE kenworth test drive WIX 5-3-19
Allison Transmission acquires Vantage Power and AxleTech’s electric vehicle systems division

Allison Transmission Holdings has purchased Vantage Power and AxleTech’s electric vehicle (EV) systems division.

Watch: The effect of AMTs on drivers

As automated manual transmissions (AMTs) rose through the build ranks of the OEMs, you often heard a similar refrain: “Once you get a driver behind the wheel of an AMT, they will not want to go back to a manual.”

The effect of AMTs on drivers
Volvo Trucks releases new parameter updates

Volvo Trucks has made parameter updates to complement its newly-launched Parameter Plus subscription package, which allows for up to 50 parameter updates annually per covered vehicle.

Watch: The pros and cons of extending oil drain intervals

It’s important to remember that manufacturer oil drain intervals are set for a reason, and that while extending them may work in some applications, it’s not recommended for everyone.

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Diesel Forum highlights technologies that will drive efficiency for tomorrow’s trucks

Modern commercial vehicles have made incredible strides in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions, and continuing innovation, research and regulation is anticipated to deliver even greater savings in coming years, according to regulators, industry leaders, and vehicle, engine and fuel manufacturers heard recently at the SAE Government/Industry Meeting in Washington, D.C. During a two-part session titled