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Keeping up with evolving truck technology

Just like social media, truck technology is constantly evolving. Are you keeping up?

Tracking trailers: The latest in trailer telematics

Telematics talks usually center on tractors, but there’s a wide digital world of trailer telematics offerings that offer a deep well of data and robust analytical options to keep your trailers in check. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” said Scott Sutarik, OEM and business development manager for Geotab, which offers IOX-BT, a Bluetooth

Reman ECUs: Better than new

On a recent trip to the Detroit Diesel Remanufacturing LLC facility in Hibbing, Minn., Fleet Equipment had a chance to see first-hand how engine electronic computer units (ECUs) are remanufactured. Unlike other vehicle component remanufacturing facilities such as those that remanufacture engine blocks, axles and transmissions, etc., this electronic reman facility was smaller, quieter, extremely clean and free of dust and anything that might cause an electrical interference.

Designed for fuel economy

Engine manufacturers have made great strides in improving fuel economy, but fleet managers must also do their jobs writing specs to take advantage of the fuel saving potential of new designs.

Not your daddy’s tires

Today’s low rolling resistance tires are designed to optimize fuel efficiency while delivering satisfactory traction and durability.

Electrical connections and inverters

Suppliers have introduced new products aimed at addressing lingering concerns due to corrosion in electrical systems

Calculating cost of ownership

Especially for a private fleet, this is a figure that’s important to know, but not one that’s easy to calculate.

Spec’ing trucks for service and resale

While many medium-duty trucks are commonly purchased “off the lot,” detailed specs to increase vehicle productivity, longevity and resale value should be considered.

Leveraging engine data

These days, fleets have the ability to gather extensive data from the ECU on their diesel engines and leverage that information to control operating costs. We asked engine makers to explain how fleet equipment mangers can best use that information.

The right specs pay resale dividends

When buying new equipment, the best strategy is to plan for resale

Advantages of fleet maintenance software

Improving CSA scores, controlling parts inventory and lowering operating cost are just a few of the benefits of fleet maintenance software.

Managing fleet tire costs

Keeping track of tires from cradle to grave is key to controlling costs