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ClearFlame Engine Technologies reports early results from ethanol-based engine pilot program

The pilots document ClearFlame’s upfitted enthanol-based engines.

Clearing the air about sustainable engine technology

It has become increasingly apparent that electric vehicles (EVs) alone are not the sole contender in this race.

How ClearFlame is modifying diesel trucks to run on ethanol to boost efficiency, curb emissions

The trucking industry is too complex to have a one size fits all solution when it comes to decarbonization. Electrification makes sense when a truck is revving on a port all-day or gas prices rise. But on the other hand, it’s hard to beat the diesel range and its reliability. Sustainability has become an increasing

When decarbonizing a diesel truck means removing the diesel fuel

The trucking industry is starting to come to terms with the idea that there’s no decarbonization magic bullet. Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all truck spec, there’s no all encompassing zero-emissions technology that’s going to meet all application and duty cycle demands. For fleets serious about decarbonization, it means finding the right mix of technologies they

Low fuel prices are temporary

Fuel prices in the United States are extremely low and out of balance lately for at least two reasons. Let’s discuss these reasons so you fleet operators can better plan future vehicle engine and fuel purchases. First, gasoline prices are so low relative to diesel that the diesel vs. gasoline cost-effectiveness financial justification is upside

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Corn-based ethanol is swimming upstream

Corn-based ethanol production is currently about 10% of U.S. gasoline production, but overall sales volumes are down due to Americans driving more fuel efficient cars 9% less distance than they did in 2007. U.S. producers are exporting a lot of ethanol to keep their businesses profitable. Australia recently eliminated government ethanol production subsidies. Government subsidies

Fuels and lubes column