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Truck driver behavior visibility: what is it and why does it matter?

Data-driven, visibility-infused truck driver training and management solutions have boomed this year. It’s a trend that fleet equipment managers need to pay attention to because the telematics and in-cab camera systems you spec will have a direct impact on your driver training and management department. If you’re a small fleet that doesn’t have the luxury

Truck Driver training management visibility in data
Podcast: Thoughts on engine oil, used oil analysis

November is Engine Month—at least, it is here on the Fleet Future podcast. For our first engine-focused episode, we spoke with Jim Salmon of D-A Lubricant Co., who talked about the new trends in engine oil, as well as the benefits of used oil analysis. Listen below for the full conversation, and catch up with

Peterbilt Model 579EV now available for order

Peterbilt’s electric Model 579EV is now available for customer orders. Customers can spec a 579EV using Peterbilt’s SmartSpec sales tool at any Peterbilt dealer location across North America, with production expected to start by Q2 of 2021, Peterbilt says. Designed for optimal weight distribution and performance, Peterbilt says the fully integrated, all-electric powertrain in the

Tackling engine oil topics: FA-4, used oil analysis, transmission and axle greases, and more

Engine oil is more complicated than a viscosity number. We have a lot to get through, so let’s get to it. Read on to learn about FA-4 oils; the latest in engine oil technologies and advancements; the importance of used oil analysis; and the importance of using the right oils and greases throughout the rest

Fleet profile: Beck Trucking is growing and enjoying ongoing success

It was a good problem to have. With a rapidly growing trucking company, Nick Beck, owner of Beck Trucking, knew he had to streamline communication with drivers and customers. “We were steadily adding trucks, so checking in with drivers by phone was no longer efficient,” he says. “At times we were spending hours just waiting

Catch up with the electrification podcast series from Fleet Future

All throughout September and October, the Fleet Future podcast from FE has been focused on electrification, speaking with people throughout the industry on the details of electrification, the trucks that are coming to market and what interested fleets will need to know. Brush up on your electric truck knowledge below with all seven episodes of

Watch: Is biodiesel a good fuel choice for diesel engines?

These days, it seems as though there’s always a shifty stranger – The Invisible Fuel Man – whispering in my ear: “Hey Fleetkeeper. Let’s talk about electrification today.” I guess it makes sense – some of the biggest names in trucking are making some huge advancements in electric trucks. But what about all the other

Why more collaboration means moving to the cloud

If we’re being honest, the most difficult thing about truck technology isn’t spec’ing it—it’s actually using it. You’ve got data in spreadsheets, repair orders, emails—heck, even faxes in some cases. It’s hard to see how your engine repair costs,—say, replacing alternators—impact your engine’s operational efficiency and total cost of ownership. On top of that, if

Checklist: Make sure your fleet is prepared for winter

Preparation is key when it comes to facing the cold weather that lies ahead. Creating a thorough checklist to ensure your safety is vitally important. You’ll want to include steps that cover best practices, make sure your vehicle is performing optimally, and confirm that all essential tools are on board. The following checklist provided by

Where you see DTNA’s renewed vocational focus in the Western Star 49X

When Daimler Trucks North America announced that it was reorganizing its entire organization to focus more on the application (on-highway; vocational) vs. brand (Freightliner; Western Star), the big question was: Where will we see this in the product? We now have the answer in the Western Star 49X. Fleet Equipment sat down with the Western

Western Star 49X executive team 2
Finding the cause of truck tire failures

Think about the last time you dealt with a truck tire failure. Maybe there were huge safety consequences, maybe it hit your operating costs harder than anything else. Regardless of what happened after the failure, can you remember why the failure happened in the first place? What about the cause of the last five truck

Finding Scrap Truck Tire Failure Causes
Kenworth talks hydrogen fuel cells, battery electric trucks and where both fit in

If you’ve been following electric truck development news over the last few years, you likely heard that Kenworth was focusing its efforts on hydrogen fuel cell trucks, rather than battery electric power. So it may have come as a surprise in early September when Kenworth announced the availability of the battery electric K270E and K370E