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Trucking sustainability starts now

Peter Voorhoeve is serious about trucking sustainability. And the Volvo Trucks North America president doesn’t mean sustainability that happens tomorrow or the day after. For Volvo Trucks and fleets across the country, it means now. Right now. While Volvo Trucks has seen early success with the adoption of its VNR Electric–Voorhoeve knows that decarbonization efforts

How the new offerings from Mack Trucks aim to meet demand in both the present and the future

Amid a year fraught with challenges, Mack Trucks managed to make a splash in two areas of the truck market in 2020: with the LR Electric refuse truck, and its re-entry into the medium-duty market with the MD6 and MD7 lines. Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of North American sales and commercial operations,

Conversations that connect to trucking solutions

Understanding the latest truck technology and how data can be used to better your fleet practices is difficult. Here’s my trick: I talk with a lot of people who know way more about it than I do. Have enough of those conversations and some of that expertise tends to rub off on you. You start

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Peterbilt GM Jason Skoog talks next-gen 579 truck technology, fuel efficiency

The technology you can’t see in today’s trucks is just as important as the technology you can. The next-gen Peterbilt 579 first impression is striking—from the improved aerodynamic design that offers a 7% fuel efficiency gain over the previous iteration when spec’d with a PACCAR powertrain, according to the OEM, to the 15-in. digital driver

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Navistar’s next step toward trucking sustainability

The road toward more sustainable transportation equipment is not a straight shot. There are twist and turns as new equipment and fuel types roll out to support existing applications. Battery electric is well suited for regional delivery whereas hydrogen electric fuel cell-driven powertrains are taking aim at long-haul applications. One of the latest sign posts

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Steering advanced truck safety system development

The more trucks drive toward higher levels of automated operation, the more their systems depend on rock-solid software. Advanced algorithms, complex calculus pull in massive amounts of sensor data—from what’s going on outside of the truck using cameras and radars to what’s going on inside the truck with road speed and braking sensors—to make split-second

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ZF answers our biggest trucking questions

ZF has been a global leader in trucking equipment, including transmissions, steering technology and advanced safety systems. The question always was: When will we see this in North America? With ZF having acquired WABCO, that question, along with a host of others, once again came to mind. For the answer, I connected with Fredrik Staedtler,

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Where you see DTNA’s renewed vocational focus in the Western Star 49X

When Daimler Trucks North America announced that it was reorganizing its entire organization to focus more on the application (on-highway; vocational) vs. brand (Freightliner; Western Star), the big question was: Where will we see this in the product? We now have the answer in the Western Star 49X. Fleet Equipment sat down with the Western

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Peterbilt GM Jason Skoog charts today’s truck support, tomorrow’s truck solutions

Peterbilt made headlines recently when it became the first major North American OEM to open orders for an electric truck, the Peterbilt 220EV. In this exclusive interview, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President Jason Skoog details the technology investments that are keeping fleets productive during this year’s trying pandemic and laying the groundwork for

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The test of time: Why durability drives success

What does it take to face down uncertainty? To diversify and stay on top of the industry’s ebb and flow? It’s equal parts ideas and vision mixed with a hefty helping of grit; durability to weather the oncoming storm. To learn more about Minimizer’s approach to delivering on its product promises even in the toughest

Time for durability Minimizer
Who will you share your truck data with?

The world is connected; your fleet needs to be as well. But with great data connectivity comes great data responsibility and, most importantly, trust. How data integration outside of your fleet plays out is a story with two sides: the fleet’s point of view and that of the shipper’s. With this digital interactive story, we’ve

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