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Coolant compatibility: Know thy coolants

When it comes to a fleet’s extended life coolant concerns, look no further than the three C’s: Capabilities; Compatibility; and Contamination. The biggest concern for the fleets running organic acid coolants (OAT) and nitrited organic acid technology (NOAT) extended life coolant [ELC] is knowing which fluid should be in their system. Extended life coolants are

Coolant Capatability Know Your Truck Coolant
Engine coolant technology primer

PEAK Commercial & Industrial clarifies coolant technology: The company notes that extended life coolants (ELC) or organic acid coolants (OAT) provide up to 8% better heat transfer versus conventional coolants. Conventional coolants or inorganic additive technology (IAT) coolants protect metal by creating a thick layer of insoluble metal inhibitor salts. OAT coolants specifically target corrosive

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