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Alternative fuels: How about an algae update?

I prefer the use of materials such as algae, switch grass and waste to produce feed stocks for alternate fuels. Primarily because these materials can be grown on land unsuitable for agriculture. I went shopping with my wife the other day. We observed that the price of ground chuck has risen from $4.02 per pound

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Peak Commercial & Industrial unveils BlueDEF Mini Bulk System

Peak Commercial & Industrial, a DEF manufacturer and distributor in the U.S., has launched the BlueDEF Mini Bulk System. “Engineered to fit directly on a fuel island, the BlueDEF mini bulk system has the unique ability to expand as market demands grow,” said Zac Stogdill, DEF equipment manager at Peak Commercial & Industrial. “The mini

Finding reason within alternative fuel

I’ve been trying to determine why we’ve taken so many wrong turns incorporating alternate fuels. I looked at Wikipedia the other day, and I think I found the answer. Only 1% of Wikipedia’s content is about logic and mathematics. Another 1% is about thought and philosophy. But fully 30% deals with art and culture, and

Fuels and lubes column
New cabin air filters can provide HVAC efficiency

The environment inside the cabin of a heavy-duty vehicle is subjected to a long list of contaminants including exhaust, pollen, bacteria, dirt, dust and soot. A cabin air filter is the frontline defense, protecting cabin occupants and providing efficient heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system operation. Harmful contaminants can clog HVAC systems and affect drivers’

Emissions issues of electric vehicles

When I hear people calling plug-in electric vehicles “zero emissions,” I go through the roof. Don’t they realize that the majority of electrical power generation in this country is accomplished by burning coal? Don’t they also realize that power generation contributes just as much to airborne contaminants as does transportation? The obvious answer is that

Prolong heavy-duty oil stabilizer available

Prolong announced that its Super Lubricants’ Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, which helps solve lubrication-related problems such as engine noise, oil leaks and oil burning, is now available. According to Prolong, Super Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer creates a seal around the piston rings to restore compression, slowing down exhaust blow-by and reducing exhaust smoke emissions. The

Prolong Oil Stabilizer
Interpreting used oil analysis

“Think of oil analysis as a visit to your engine’s health care professional,” says Edward Covington, vice president, quality assurance at WIX Filters. “Oil analysis provides fact-based information on the oil’s condition, which can then be used to determine the engine’s condition. The data will help answer questions such as is the oil and filter

Oil analysis and filter trends

“Many of the modern heavy-duty engines equipped with EGR and SCR technologies generate higher levels of organic and inorganic acids, as well as higher amounts of soot in the oil,” says John Gaither, director of heavy-duty product engineering for Luber-finer. “This requires modern filtration technologies to address these newer challenges.” One of the benefits of

Peak Commercial & Industrial unveils heavy-duty engine oil for SCR, CNG/LNG engines

Peak Commercial & Industrial, the makers of BlueDEF, has introduced 10W-30 motor oil specifically engineered for SCR engines. Additionally, the company has also developed products specifically for the growing compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) engine market. “Leveraging our extensive knowledge of SCR engines through the development of the number one brand

Alternative fuel infrastructure and application

For fleet managers, putting an alternative fuel truck—specifically natural gas—to work depends on two major factors: Infrastructure and application. According to the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center, there are currently 713 public and 666 private CNG fueling stations and 54 public and 41 private LNG fueling stations in the U.S. The Department

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Corn-based ethanol is swimming upstream

Corn-based ethanol production is currently about 10% of U.S. gasoline production, but overall sales volumes are down due to Americans driving more fuel efficient cars 9% less distance than they did in 2007. U.S. producers are exporting a lot of ethanol to keep their businesses profitable. Australia recently eliminated government ethanol production subsidies. Government subsidies

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Clean fuel corner: Clear & bright—ISO cleanliness levels

When people talk about clear and bright, they could be chitchatting about the weather. However, in the domain of fuels and lubricants, this expression has been used since the ’80s. The oil industry calls it the Standard Test Method for Free Water and Particulate Contamination in Distillate Fuels (Visual). In all fairness, using the above