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Chevron showcases lower-viscosity oils

Chevron Products Co. conducted a live teardown of a DD15 engine, with over 400,000 miles of service using Delo 400 XLE 10W-30, during the Mid-America Trucking Show 2014. The event demonstrated the ability of lower-viscosity oils, like 10W-30, to provide comparable protection to a 15W-40 grade, while at the same time improving fuel economy. “There’s a

Legislative progress could lead to a national energy policy

Instead of being a curmudgeon this month, I’m going to be very positive—you can now call me “Bubbles” Martin. I’ve actually witnessed some legislative progress, which may lead us to a much-needed national energy policy. Congressmen from Missouri and Nebraska recently introduced three bills related to the use of natural gas in the trucking industry.

Legislative progress could lead to a national energy policy
Penray details installer service kits offerings

Penray offers a variety of system-specific installer service kits that include the chemicals needed to clean, protect and fortify various vehicle systems. These kits include cleaners, protectants, conditioners and lubricants needed to restore performance. Penray also offers installer tools and full lines of automotive, heavy-duty and shop chemicals. The Penray Installer line encompasses a collection of kits providing preventive maintenance for

Espar presents natural gas heating for trucks

Espar North America presented its newly-developed Airtronic NG Commercial at the NTEA The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ind. The air heater burns compressed natural gas (CNG) and is suited for all trucks fueled by natural gas. “Our Airtronic NG Commercial is the first air heater that is specially designed for the continuously growing market

ESPAR-Airtronic NG Commercial Heater
Cold weather & fuel gelling—finding answers to fuel problems

In the past months, we have seen below normal temperatures that we have not seen in many years. These frigid temperatures have sent many fleet managers into a frenzy—fuel gelling problems are the cause. Here’s what’s going on. The temperature is cold outside, below zero; say -2 or -3 degrees below. The truck will not

Cold weather fuel gelling
We don’t need no stinkin’ national energy policy

The U.S.’s lack of a coherent national energy policy is about to cost us considerable money, wasted energy and possibly valuable forest lands. When corn-based ethanol was originally proposed, it was with the promise that corn-based ethanol was merely a first-generation solution. The second-generation solution, cellulosic-based ethanol, would soon be commercialized, and then it would be

We don’t need no stinkin’ national energy policy
Donaldson offers complete filter line for Cummins ISX engines

The Donaldson Co. is now providing complete replacement filter coverage for Cummins ISX engines. Included are spin-on fuel filters for primary and secondary filtration, including 2012 engines and newer and cartridge replacements for DAVCO Fuel Pro 380/382/482/483 Fuel Processors, used as primary fuel filter water separators, a range of lube filters, coolant filters and air

Cummins Filtration opens YouTube channel

Shedding new light on diesel engine filtration is a new YouTube channel from Cummins Filtration Inc. that focuses on the “science to technology” approach for its Fleetguard filter product line. Newly posted videos are available on the Cummins Filtration YouTube channel at Additional videos will be posted throughout 2014. “We encourage our customers to

Spectra announces fuel delivery lifetime warranty

A limited lifetime warranty on its Fuel Pump Assemblies, Electrical and Mechanical Fuel Pumps and Fuel Strainers has been announced by Spectra Premium Industries. “Continuous improvement, product validation and progressive engineering are the main contents of Spectra Premium’s fuel delivery products,” said Jason Best, vice president of sales and marketing at Spectra. “These rigorous processes

Alternate energy source scorecard

The alternate energy world can be confusing. To help us all better get our minds around recent developments, I created a simplistic tabulation for first and second generation sources with which I am familiar. Algae Pros: It removes CO2 from atmosphere, no sulfur, less CO, CO2 and HC, 80% of energy of crude oil, 10

Fuels and lubes column
Can’t we just be objective?

Can’t we just be objective? Okay, so I’m a scientist. That means I’m trained to deal in facts—not just “meadow muffins,” as a famous TV colonel used to say. The corn-based ethanol industry is in a dither. A leaked draft of the EPA’s suggested renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes for 2014 showed a continuation of

Fuels and lubes column
Champion introduces synthetic transmission and hydraulic oil

The new Champion 4000 Ultra Synthetic with DYNAVIS Technology transmission and hydraulic oil is now available from Champion Brands. The lubricant features premium additives and shear stable polymer thickeners, which according to the company provides maximum efficiency and protection in all temperatures. The fluid also has low temperature pumpability and high temperature shear stability to