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Donaldson Filter Minder Connect receives Jim Winsor Technical Achievement Award

The North American Truck Writers, a committee of transportation and logistics writers, announced at the Technology & Maintenance Council’s Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition that Donaldson Filter Minder Connect is the winner of the 2022 Jim Winsor Technical Achievement Award for its connected IoT filtration monitoring solution. The annual award spotlights products or services

How diesel engine oil analysis works (and why you need to be doing it)

Today’s diesel engine oil isn’t your grandfather’s old engine oil. Several years back, a pair of new API diesel engine categories entered the market–CK-4 and FA-4. Both aimed to lower oil viscosity and boost fuel economy, while still providing the much needed engine protection. CK-4 replaced CJ-4 as the go-to fill for most engine manufacturers,

When to change your trucks’ filters (and how to pick a high-quality replacement)

Let’s get this straight: Heavy-duty truck filters are not a commodity. More goes into filter creation and manufacturing than just some random filter media and nice casing. The filters protecting today’s hyper-efficient heavy-duty engines are engineered to specific specs. If you spin on any old filter, you could be setting yourself up for more truck

Diesel engine air filtration maintenance tips

Heavy-duty truck filtration is easy to take for granted. Hard-working filters keep engine and cab air clean, allowing both the driver and the diesel powerhouse to breathe deep. While filters become more efficient overtime, they reach a tipping point when they need some truck maintenance TLC. “If you ignore the diesel engine air filter long

The advantages of a well-made, all-makes filter

When you hear the term “all-makes” product, what comes to mind? As a cautious fleet manager you likely need to affirm that the product doesn’t just work with all makes and models, but works with them well. You don’t only want the bare minimum requirements to be met; you need to be given a reason

The benefits of moving your fleet to a condition-based maintenance program

Controlling maintenance costs, hitting that perfect level where costs are under control as much as possible, uptime is maximized and unplanned events are limited: these are the things that keep fleet managers up at night, and the things that drive many of their spec’ing choices. But it’s also worth thinking about your trucks’ maintenance intervals.

Donaldson updates Filter Minder Connect, previews additional capabilities to come

In a recent press event, Donaldson outlined new and upcoming updates to Filter Minder Connect, its solution for monitoring fuel filters and engine oil condition on heavy-duty truck engines. Among the updates Donaldson outlined are: Engine Oil Monitoring: This contains two components, one of which is a remaining useful life model that will help users

The value of filtration and coolant training

Training and education: they’re foundational to so many industries, including ours. The reasons for this are seemingly self-evident, but nonetheless, thorough training of employees including technicians and drivers is neglected more often than it should be. That’s understandable—trucking is a demanding industry, with constant deadlines to hit, shipments going out and coming in, maintenance and

How technology impacts diesel engine filtration

This time, I don’t just mean digital technology. The continued adoption of API FA-4 (as well as the switch to CK-4) engine oil is also a prime diesel engine technology change, in liquid form. We’ve also seen increasingly computer-driven engine operation that increased an engine’s flexibility within applications. As diesel engine technology has evolved, so

Hengst highlights new oil-coolant module in the Detroit DD15 Gen 5 engine

In a recent press release, Hengst noted that its oil-coolant module featured in the Detroit DD15 Gen 5 engine provides enhanced filtration properties that result in extended service intervals and offers an extremely high functional density and brings about significant savings in fuel. Equipped with an optimized stack filter, the new oil-coolant module engineered by

Building trust in truck data solutions

We’re at a tipping point now in data-driven trucking solutions where the true challenge is not so much finding the right solution—it’s in using that solution. Data has a knack for contradicting assumptions, and no one likes to be wrong. So how are solutions providers helping to build trust in new data-rich offerings? In talking

Don’t take the fuel filter for granted

The truck’s fuel filter can be easily overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. It may not take up the space of the trailer or the engine or have the attention-getting features of a transmission or a telematics device, but it’s just as important as any of these components to the fleet manager’s never-ending quest for efficiency