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Oil filter maintenance do’s and don’ts

After talking with our cast of oil filter experts, including: Russ Bretell, training and technical sales manager for Cummins Filtration; John Gaither, director of heavy-duty design engineering for Luber-finer; Edward Covington, vice president of global quality for Wix Filters; and Veli Kalayci, manager of engine liquid products for Donaldson, we compiled the biggest “do’s and don’ts”

Solving stiction: The cholesterol of the diesel engine

Over time, cholesterol builds up in the veins of the human body, limiting blood flow and causing myriad other problems. Often known as the silent killer, cholesterol in the body is very similar to stiction in a diesel engine—the sticky-friction created from the build up of burnt hydrocarbons (oil or fuel). It is often the

Wix Filters offer water absorbers, test kits for diesel systems

Wix Filters is offering mobile and stationary water absorbers and test kits for diesel and gasoline systems. “These new offerings further strengthen Wix’s position as a global leader of filtration solutions,” said Edward Covington, vice president of global quality for Wix Filters. “We continuously seek out opportunities to solve our customers’ challenges and these products

Unintended consequences of propane usage in heavy-duty trucks

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and didn’t go too far in debt. Let’s look forward to more sanity in 2015: What are the odds that we will be disappointed? We’ll start this year off on a high note: I’m encouraged to see the recent interest in propane as an alternate fuel. This work has

The impact of plummeting oil prices on trucks, business

Oil has a tendency to polarize opinions. To some, it is the ultimate economic enabler, the product that ushered in an era of mass mobility, globalization and staggering industrial achievements. To others, it is the devil in liquid form—the root cause of all environmental degradation and the cause of wars pestilence, famine and despair. As

Wix Filters introduces proactive molecular hydraulic oil water absorber

Wix Filters introduced a new tool for removing all forms of water in hydraulic oils—the proactive molecular hydraulic oil water absorber. According to the company, Wix’s hydraulic oil water absorber offers ongoing protection by removing all forms of water—bound, free and emulsified—in all hydraulic oils. The new product also neutralizes acids that cause metal surface

IPA releases DEF transfer system

Innovative Products of America (IPA) expanded its line of fuel management equipment with its DEF transfer system. The complete system is powered by a rotary diaphragm pump (9 GPM 120V/AC) and includes 6-ft. intake and 8-ft. output hoses, a digital flow meter and manual nozzle with integrated holster, hanging bracket and all corrosion resistant fittings.

Natural gas continues to grow, ACT Research reports

ACT Research has released the results of its updated research on U.S. natural gas transportation fuel trends in the heavy-duty truck market in its report entitled “NG Reality Check: Moving From Infancy to Adolescence.” The report, published in October 2014, provides forecasts, insights and supporting analysis on trends already taking place such as: NG engine

C.A.T. partners for five new Gain Clean Fuel stations

C.A.T. Inc. has signed an agreement with U.S. Oil for the construction of five Gain Clean Fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in the United States and Canada to support C.A.T.’s recent acquisition of 100 Ryder CNG sleeper tractors. The stations will be located in Toronto, Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; Laredo, Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; and Scranton,

Alternative fuels: How about an algae update?

I prefer the use of materials such as algae, switch grass and waste to produce feed stocks for alternate fuels. Primarily because these materials can be grown on land unsuitable for agriculture. I went shopping with my wife the other day. We observed that the price of ground chuck has risen from $4.02 per pound

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Peak Commercial & Industrial unveils BlueDEF Mini Bulk System

Peak Commercial & Industrial, a DEF manufacturer and distributor in the U.S., has launched the BlueDEF Mini Bulk System. “Engineered to fit directly on a fuel island, the BlueDEF mini bulk system has the unique ability to expand as market demands grow,” said Zac Stogdill, DEF equipment manager at Peak Commercial & Industrial. “The mini

Finding reason within alternative fuel

I’ve been trying to determine why we’ve taken so many wrong turns incorporating alternate fuels. I looked at Wikipedia the other day, and I think I found the answer. Only 1% of Wikipedia’s content is about logic and mathematics. Another 1% is about thought and philosophy. But fully 30% deals with art and culture, and

Fuels and lubes column