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Back to Basics: Truck fuel economy, maintenance strategies to combat supply chain issues, rising fuel cost

Today’s fuel prices have re-introduced a bevy of asset management challenges for fleets that significantly impact the bottom line of every fleet organization. This is especially a concern since fuel is the largest component of total cost of ownership (TCO) for any fleet. While it is challenging to procure new trucks, it’s equally important to

Fleet Advantage focuses on helping transportation fleets achieve ESG Goals

Fleet Advantage announced a new focus to help its clients transition to a low-carbon economy and achieve corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. “At the heart of our ESG-centric strategy is a data analytics focus that relies on real-time business intelligence to help steer clients toward more environmentally-sound business decisions,” said Katerina Jones, vice

Fleet Advantage on the impact of decarbonization, GHG regulations and electrification on truck lifecycles

FE caught up with Fleet Advantage to talk about the latest developments in the truck market, how electrification and emissions goals will affect truck lifecycles, and a few other topics at the TMC Fall Meeting in Cleveland in September. Below is our Q&A with Al Barner, senior vice president of business development at Fleet Advantage.

How truck lease structure impacts maintenance, repair costs

The broader economy has rebounded quite well from the severe market turbulence of 2020—and seven countries, including the U.S. and China, have already reached their per capita GDPs return to pre-pandemic standing, according to the latest report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). According to the group, global economic output will rise

Advanced trucks could increase driver retention

Heavy-duty fleet organizations are facing major challenges in the retention and recruitment of drivers at an especially hazardous moment. Drivers are needed now more than ever before to progress in migrating the shipment of goods, food, medicine and vaccines globally. Retention is especially important for drivers, as the current market is tight. The most recent

Three truck market takeaways from Fleet Advantage

Fleet business analytics provider Fleet Advantage shared three areas of focus for the heavy-duty truck market following its fiscal year ending June 30. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the U.S. economy is expected to grow 6.9% this year, a staunch increase from the 3.5% contraction in 2020. This has resulted

How long should you be running your trucks?

New truck demand continues to boom as production challenges continue to loom. The evolution of truck technology is the constant—improved safety systems and improved efficiency all add up to savings. Pre-pandemic, a four- to five-year new truck lifecycle was common among carriers, but that’s starting to change as fleets take a long, hard look at

Report: Advantages of unbundled vs. full-service leases for HD truck equipment

 Fleet Advantage has released a new report, “How Unbundling Your Full-Service Lease Can Save You Millions.” The company says the report illustrates the organizational flexibility and financial gains associated with an unbundled lease agreement compared with fleets that use a full-service lease (FSL). The principal difference between an FSL and an unbundled lease is that FSL is not transparent to the customer, Fleet Advantage says. In an FSL agreement, fleets essentially hand

Flexible finance a larger focus for transportation, private fleets

Transportation organizations and private fleets are both finding new ways to cope with the major challenges thrown at them in 2020, particularly by the COVID-19 pandemic. While each has their own set of unique challenges specific to their organizations, they’re both battling ways to deal with a difficult financial climate, rising costs from adapting to

Fleet Advantage reports $223M in truck lease syndications during 2020 fiscal year

Fleet Advantage says it secured a total of $223 million in truck lease syndications during its 2020 fiscal year ending on June 30, with an additional $89 million in syndications volume during its fiscal Q1 ending Sept. 30. During 2020, companies required financing programs to maintain cash flow while remaining competitively positioned for the future,

Fleet Advantage’s sale-leaseback program totals more than $24.5M in new business

Fleet Advantage says it has secured an additional volume of $7.5 million in new business through its pioneering Sale-Leaseback program. The additional volume follows an initial $17 million generated shortly after the program’s launch in May. Fleet Advantage’s Sale-Leaseback program features the flexibility to dispose of surplus trucks and convert “dormant equity” locked up in

Used truck market strong throughout 2020, Fleet Advantage reports

Fleet Advantage says it has been active in the sales of off-lease used trucks this year, with total units sold exceeding 400 units in its fiscal first quarter ending Sept. 30, with sales in excess of $10 million. The company says there has been more buying and selling activity of new and used heavy-duty trucks