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Tramec Sloan acquires Fleet Engineers

Tramec Sloan announced that it has acquired Fleet Engineers, a Michigan-based company that designs, manufacturers and distributes product solutions for aerodynamics, door systems, spray control and parts and accessories for the truck and trailer industry. Tramec Sloan will operate Fleet Engineers as an autonomous division out of Muskegon, Michigan. “For more than 50 years, Fleet

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How to save fuel with improved truck and trailer aerodynamics

When running a heavy-duty fleet, there’s no such thing as small savings. Even a seemingly small percentage of fuel economy saved can add up to thousands of dollars and be the difference between a profitable fleet and one that lags behind the competition. That’s why a large variety of aerodynamic products are available to help

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Investing in aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency

Wind resistance is a total drag—literally. Wind resistance is one of the top forces working against the truck as it runs down the road. (The other factors being: grade resistance; tire rolling resistance; and engine accessory and/or drivetrain losses, according to Cummins MPG Guide: “Secrets of better fuel economy”.) Did you know that every 2%