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Fleet Profile: Energy Transportation Group is driven to be different

Energy Transportation Group
continues to grow by providing innovative, reliable and efficient service solutions.

Fleet Profile: Hardy Brothers is dedicated to professionalism

The emphasis on safety at Hardy Brothers is supported by investing heavily in technology.

Fleet Profile Hardy Brothers Kenworth
Fleet profile: Cargo Transporters is focused on the present and the future

Started in the 1960s as a truck renting and leasing operation, Cargo Transporters found its niche supplying vehicles for the private fleets of furniture manufacturers. As those producers moved away from ownership, the company developed into a carrier of choice for shippers looking to outsource transportation.

Fleet profile: The Erb Group of Companies

At the Erb Group of Companies, customers can rely on
receiving on-time delivery of temperature-controlled freight.

Fleet profile: Texas-based Alan Ritchey is focused on delivering the best possible value to customers

Meeting customer requirements is nothing new for Alan Ritchey Inc. (ARI). While the Valley View, Texas-based family owned and operated carrier provides services in several government, industrial, agriculture, energy and transportation sectors from coast to coast, since it was founded in 1964 it has served as a contract mail hauler for the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Solving the puzzle: Eagle Transport is using fleet management technology to put all the right pieces together

Primarily, Eagle Transport hauls raw milk from farms and plants to production facilities. The niche carrier also works with organic and smaller farms. In addition, it handles some loads of liquid sugar.

At Prime Inc., success is driven by dedication to supporting drivers

It shouldn’t be surprising that Prime Inc. has always been a driver-focused trucking company. Robert Low started the operation in 1970 with a single truck, with the then-19-year old behind the wheel as the company’s first driver. Today, he’s still at the helm as the carrier‘s president.

Eagle Transportation adheres to the highest standards to earn the trust of its customers

At Eagle Transportation Co., it’s all about productivity and uptime. “In the past, a down truck could cause missed pickups and deliveries, and driver overtime,” says Mike Brady, the company’s president. “That was a costly problem, especially during the fall harvest period, so uptime is everything in our business.”

GCI Slingers and Gravel Conveyors maximizes profits by making the most of data

While many fleets guard their fleet’s data and information closely, Aaron Witmer, operations manager of GCI Slingers and Gravel Conveyors, is beyond excited to share it.

Navajo Express takes care of drivers and lowers customers’ transportation costs

“There’s everything to gain by listening.” In one sense, it’s just that simple for Don Digby, Jr., president of Navajo Express. And Digby, who now heads up the third generation, family-owned business, means it.

At Contract Transport Services, dedication to safety and efficiency pays off

While delivering on time is a key to success for Contract Transport Services (CTS), operating safely is equally essential for the company.

The Mennel Milling Co. embraces change to serve its operation, customers effectively

To say that The Mennel Milling Co. is dynamic would be an understatement. The Fostoria, Ohio-based private fleet hauls raw materials and over 2,000 bulk and packaged finished products to and from the company’s five mills in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and Virginia, which produce more than 200 different types of flour each day. Routes primarily