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Two ways to use engine oil data to make better truck service decisions

How do you know when you’re going to have an engine service need? Sure, you run the recommended drain intervals and your vast years of knowledge can lend to correct gut decisions more often than not, but still… The roads trucks roll down are challenging, the demands are unceasing. What if you had the clairvoyance

Deciphering diesel fault codes to fix filtration issues

Every fault code alert can feel like a maintenance mystery—a “whodunit” of symptoms that service sleuths have to parse through to find the root cause of the issue. Consider a fault that indicates the engine is losing power. The check engine light comes on, the truck de-rates and the first question in the service-minded process

When to change your trucks’ filters (and how to pick a high-quality replacement)

Let’s get this straight: Heavy-duty truck filters are not a commodity. More goes into filter creation and manufacturing than just some random filter media and nice casing. The filters protecting today’s hyper-efficient heavy-duty engines are engineered to specific specs. If you spin on any old filter, you could be setting yourself up for more truck

Cummins Filtration releases filter upgrades with NanoNet media

As the only filter manufacturer that is part of an engine company, Cummins Filtration said it has extensive, first-hand experience in integrated system solutions for modern diesel engines and offers products to support the rigorous requirements of modern high-pressure fuel systems. Fleetguard Genuine Filtration fuel filtration products are manufactured by Cummins Filtration to meet and exceed