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Why fuel filtration science matters

Fleetguard shares the story of filtration science leading to a biodiesel solution with a seven-time increase in performance.

Finding a one-stop shop for diesel engine filters

It’s amazing how challenging it can be to find the right part, even something as seemingly simple as a diesel engine filter. After all, a filter is a filter, right? “Not all filters are created equal,” noted David Studley, lube and oil filter product manager, Fleetguard, who went on to explain that it would be

It’s not ‘just’ a filter: Why high-quality diesel engine filtration matters

It can seem simple at the time—your diesel engine is due for service, requiring fuel and/or oil filters and your in-the-moment cost consciousness awakens. Yet that momentary decision has consequences that can ripple through your entire diesel engine lifecycle. Filtration impacts your engine’s fuel efficiency and its oil drain intervals—all things that add to its

Two ways to use engine oil data to make better truck service decisions

How do you know when you’re going to have an engine service need? Sure, you run the recommended drain intervals and your vast years of knowledge can lend to correct gut decisions more often than not, but still… The roads trucks roll down are challenging, the demands are unceasing. What if you had the clairvoyance

Why paying attention to diesel engine filtration data pays off

It’s easy to tune out the massive amount of truck telematics coming at you and focus on what you know from years of experience, but turning a blind eye to diesel engine data can cost you in the short- and long-term. The piston-pumping heart of your rolling iron deserves as much attention as your own

Deciphering diesel fault codes to fix filtration issues

Every fault code alert can feel like a maintenance mystery—a “whodunit” of symptoms that service sleuths have to parse through to find the root cause of the issue. Consider a fault that indicates the engine is losing power. The check engine light comes on, the truck de-rates and the first question in the service-minded process

When to change your trucks’ filters (and how to pick a high-quality replacement)

Let’s get this straight: Heavy-duty truck filters are not a commodity. More goes into filter creation and manufacturing than just some random filter media and nice casing. The filters protecting today’s hyper-efficient heavy-duty engines are engineered to specific specs. If you spin on any old filter, you could be setting yourself up for more truck

Five things you should know about heavy-duty coolant

It may not be the first fluid you think of on your truck, but coolant is extremely important both to the truck’s performance and to your fleet’s continued uptime. Here is a look at the top five things your fleet should know about spec’ing and maintaining coolant. 1. Don’t judge a coolant by its color

What coolants will battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks require?

Electric commercial vehicles are significantly ramping up in popularity, as commercially viable models from OEMs have come to market and are starting to be seen running routes in real-world applications. With outside factors including improving total cost of ownership and government emissions mandates, this trend is sure to increase in the coming years. While exciting,

The advantages of a well-made, all-makes filter

When you hear the term “all-makes” product, what comes to mind? As a cautious fleet manager you likely need to affirm that the product doesn’t just work with all makes and models, but works with them well. You don’t only want the bare minimum requirements to be met; you need to be given a reason

The benefits of moving your fleet to a condition-based maintenance program

Controlling maintenance costs, hitting that perfect level where costs are under control as much as possible, uptime is maximized and unplanned events are limited: these are the things that keep fleet managers up at night, and the things that drive many of their spec’ing choices. But it’s also worth thinking about your trucks’ maintenance intervals.

The value of filtration and coolant training

Training and education: they’re foundational to so many industries, including ours. The reasons for this are seemingly self-evident, but nonetheless, thorough training of employees including technicians and drivers is neglected more often than it should be. That’s understandable—trucking is a demanding industry, with constant deadlines to hit, shipments going out and coming in, maintenance and