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Growing professionally at Venezia Bulk Transport

At Venezia Bulk Transport, Jason Mathias is known for his knowledge and his skill at meeting the fleet’s unique trailer maintenance needs.

Tracking tool ROI in the fleet shop

It’s more than just having the right tool. It’s also knowing how you use it.

When it comes to profitability, service is the name of the game in trucking

There are many options when it comes to caring for your fleet, regardless of size.

Service improvement: Where’s the low-hanging fruit?

The service jobs your shop tackles may differ from those of the fleet next door, but there’s likely one commonality between those brave enough to run their own service operation: preventative maintenance. Looking for easy wins to improve your service throughput and minimize unplanned downtime? Start there.

Don’t bother with garbage data

Working with your fleet manager and technicians to verify the data you’re collecting and analyzing is key to the entire process of using telematics to create a clearer service picture. You don’t want to work off data that’s incorrect or incomplete. “Service managers should review their location’s repair processes to make sure they are easy

The benefits of invoicing software

Everyone wants to get paid, right?

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That run-down feeling: Dealing with diesel APU issues

It is worth the time to make APU service a regular part of maintenance.

Advanced safety features are keeping drivers and roads safer

From brakes and tires to stability control and lane departure systems, safety technology today has made our truck drivers and roads safer.

How artificial intelligence can help reduce truck maintenance and repair costs

It’s easy to think that the transportation fleet industry is advancing at light-speed, especially when you consider how much technological advancement has disrupted the way fleets operate today compared to just five or ten years ago.

How electrical system reliability impacts aftertreatment performance

Proper maintenance leads to long battery life and less downtime.

Bringing intelligence to fault codes

The multitude of sensors on today’s trucks provide a bigger operation picture that informs the fault code analysis coming from your service solution providers.

Ryder’s Ft. Lauderdale service location showcases effective shop management practices

Senior Service Manager of Ryder’s Ft. Lauderdale Jonathan Muriel approaches company needs from the ground up.