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FTR: Class 8 orders fell in February, up year-over-year

Despite the 9% drop from January, FTR says net orders for February are up 11% year-to-year, according to preliminary data.

FTR Trucking Conditions Index falls in December

FTR says the drop was mostly due to higher capital cost and a deterioration in freight rates, a trend that could stretch into 2024.

FTR Trucking Conditions Index improves slightly in November

Still in the negatives, the slight raise comes largely due to lower fuel costs.

FTR: Trailer orders rose in December

However, order activity in December 2023 was 59% below December 2022.

FTR Shippers Conditions Index improves as diesel prices fall

The most significant improvement was reversal of the surge in diesel prices, FTR said.

FTR: Class 8 truck market ‘performing at a high level’

Class 8 preliminary net orders for December came in at 26,620 units.

FTR Trucking Conditions Index improves

FTR’s outlook is for gradual improvement, but TCI readings are forecast to remain negative through 2024.

Trailer orders drop significantly in November

Orders were down 38% month-over-month, and 45% versus November 2022.

Class 8 orders show expected decline in October, FTR says

FTR’s numbers have Class 8 orders for October at 28,000 units.

FTR Shippers Conditions Index shows positive readings in September as diesel prices fall

“Moving forward, it is likely that diesel prices will determine what the change in the index will be for the next few months.”

FTR Trucking Conditions Index improves, but market remains tough for carriers

The outlook is for consistently negative readings for the TCI in 2024.

FTR: Trailer orders reach highest point of 2023

Orders were at their highest level since December 2022.