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The biggest truck component stories of 2022

Buckle up and let’s get rolling with the biggest component stories of 2022.

10 ways predictive maintenance with telematics data can boost fuel efficiency

With fluctuating fuel costs, a predictive maintenance program with telematics data can provide substantial fuel savings to reduce operating costs. Proper vehicle maintenance is essential for the safe and efficient operation of your fleet. But did you know that it can also improve fuel economy by as much as 5% to 10%? Not only that,

How can lubricants improve fleet fuel economy?

Fleets are expected to operate under extreme pressure, carrying heavy loads and meeting demanding schedules, with vehicles needing to run with efficiency and reliability every day to help owners maintain a healthy bottom line for their business.  Fleet managers and maintenance staff can secure efficiencies and reduce costs for their fleet by taking a holistic

Watch: What does tire compounding do for a truck’s fuel economy?

You’ll find compounding in every truck tire; it’s this blending of chemicals and other ingredients that affects nearly every aspect of how your trucks’ tires perform—especially when it comes to fuel economy. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video: Today, we’re talking rubber

Just thinkin’ out loud (about fuel economy)

Readers who know me know I’m a physicist given to radical, long-term thinking about fuel economy. Recently, I’ve been thinking about the fuel economy research done by truck OEMs in cooperation with our federal government. Cooperative research like this can accomplish some really great things. Want more insight from John Martin? Click here to read

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Navistar leverages integrated technology, increases customer satisfaction

Navistar has been continuing to work on integrating vehicle technology to help its customers deal with the demands of government mandates—and handle the other issues related to delivering freight in today’s competitive climate. According to Bill Kozek, president of Navistar’s North America truck and parts business, “We are thinking harder and working more collaboratively with suppliers

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Drivers affect fuel economy

Equipment buyers have direct control over which vehicles are specified and how they will help increase overall fuel economy. However, drivers are one of the biggest impacts on fuel economy that these same equipment buyers have no influence over.

Tire expectations: Fuel economy, high milage, retradability and beyond

Talking with managers from many of the larger commercial fleets at a recent TMC meeting, it was clear what fleets are looking for when it comes to their tires: Fleets want tires that generate the best possible fuel economy; highest mileage to removal; excellent retreadability; and tires that are not prone to developing uneven and

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Eaton Fuller Advantage offers added fuel savings for Kenworth T680

Truck purchasers have a new advantage when they specify the Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automated transmission with the fuel-efficient Kenworth T680. “By optimizing the Kenworth T680 with the new Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automated transmission and 2014 PACCAR MX-13 engine, Kenworth introduces a new opportunity for long-haul and regional operators to achieve fuel savings,” said

Eaton Fuller Advantage offers added fuel savings for Kenworth T680
Combining fuel saving technologies to improve fuel economy, greenhouse gas emissions

You would never guess I was a scientist, would you? Recently two things occurred that made me better appreciate the work scientists do on our behalf. The National Research Council (NRC), a private non-profit organization of scientists chartered by Congress to provide unbiased technical expertise, released a series of recommendations on what the Phase II GHG/MPG

Combining fuel saving technologies to improve fuel economy
Fuel economy and operating costs – Fuels and Lubes

First, let’s talk about Class 8 fuel economy. I can’t see gasoline replacing diesel fuel as the major fuel source because of the durability required of Class 8 engines. Gasoline engine development has made great strides recently, but diesel engines routinely go one million miles without rebuilds, and diesels yield about 25% better fuel economy

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