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Time to turn around?

At the Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, the latest and greatest products were on display and many of them aimed at tackling a fleet manager’s biggest headache: Downtime. While efficiency is often one of the most talked about truck buzz word, there’s no gain in efficiency that can offset a

Tire Maintenance-Michelin Tire Care nationwide program
Goodyear puts its Fuel Max tires through their paces, focuses on efficiency

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. invited customers and media to its San Angelo, Texas, proving grounds to demonstrate the fuel-efficiency benefits of its Fuel Max product line and a new tool to expedite roadside service calls. Goodyear introduced the first tire in its Fuel Max line in October 2014. The Fuel Max LHD G505D is

The cost of integration in the trucking industry

Last year was the year of integration for the North American Class 8 business. What was previously the strategy that dare not speak its name became, over the past 12 months, the strategy whose name was everywhere. Wards Data implies that the take rate on in-house engines now sits at 61.8%, based on sales figures,

Focusing on application efficiency

There’s no shortage of equipment, products, services and solutions in the truck industry—from tractor and trailer offerings to maintenance services and telematics. The more truck operation data we crunch, even seemingly simple maintenance practices like establishing the proper filter change intervals presents the challenge of finding the sweet spot between product efficiency and longevity. While

Mack Pinnacle Axle Back_sleeper
Drivers affect fuel economy

Equipment buyers have direct control over which vehicles are specified and how they will help increase overall fuel economy. However, drivers are one of the biggest impacts on fuel economy that these same equipment buyers have no influence over.

Woody Bogler Trucking Co. takes a multi-faceted approach to improving fuel efficiency

Tracy Bogler describes his company’s philosophy: “The management of Woody Bogler Trucking Co. believes that we should maintain a continuous cycle of improvement,” says the carrier’s president. “Our longevity has given us the experience to understand that change is the only constant in trucking. We understand that we must embrace change in order to provide

Change is the only constant in trucking
Eaton supports next gen. medium-, heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency standards

Power management company Eaton announced its support of new deadlines on national fuel economy and greenhouse gas emission standards for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including 18-wheelers, sanitation trucks, buses, and other large vehicles, as it works to inform regulators as they develop national fuel-saving rules. Feb. 18’s announcement by President Barack Obama calls for the

Cummins supports government efforts to develop next phase of emission, fuel-efficiency standards

Cummins Inc. announced its support for the development of a second phase of greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel efficiency standards for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. “Cummins supports standards that deliver environmental benefits and help our customers in the form of increased fuel efficiency and cost savings,” said Rich Freeland, Cummins vice president and president