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Why heavy-duty gear oil quality matters

Gear oils provide multiple important functions when it comes to the operation of gears and axles. As gear oils flow around axles, they help to cool the critical hardware components by carrying heat away and dissipating it. They also help to keep hardware components and assemblies clean by suspending contaminants, which would otherwise lead to

Denso announces enhancements to its DPF program

  Denso Products and Services Americas Inc., an affiliate of the Denso Corp., has announced improvements to its PowerEdge Diesel Aftertreatment Program. Key among the changes is expanded coverage for diesel particular filters (DPFs) and, coming this spring, full coverage for diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs). Denso is also adding a medium-duty DPF/doc program with coverage

Watch: Dealing with the coming changes to the trucking industry

Fleet Equipment‘s Future Focus series takes a look at the coming changes to the trucking industry in the form of electrification and alternative energy sources, and what some companies are doing to adapt to the changing times. In part one, Senior Editor Alex Crissey talks with Cummins on the coming changes to the trucking industry

Trucking Industry Changes
Luber-finer introduces extended life oil filter for the Cummins ISX engine

Luber-finer introduced the LFP9001XL oil filter designed for the Cummins ISX engine. According to Luber-finer, the XL (Extended Life) version of Luber-finer’s LFP9001 full flow oil filter features a 100% synthetic filter media that keeps oil flowing smoothly while delivering enhanced filter efficiency over a longer time period. “An oil filter should only be judged

The importance of engine lubrication

Engine lubrication is an important aspect of the overall health of your engines and trucks. Fleets may have questions about their engine oils, such as how application impacts their choice of oil and what they can do to keep the engine oil and filtration system in good shape. We talked with Kevin Adams, director of

Why you might want to focus on FA-4 engine oil

With a year of the new American Petroleum Institute (API) CK-4 and FA-4 oil categories under the industry’s belt, you have, most likely, switched your fleet over to the CK-4 formulation, as that was the engine OEM-approved backward compatible formula. The transition to FA-4 formulations for 2017 engines, on the other hand, has been a

Let’s talk heavy-duty truck diesel engine health and fuel filtration

Tougher emissions regulations have led to engines with high-pressure fuel systems, which require extremely clean diesel fuel and also increase demands on the engine components like fuel filters. Fully synthetic, multilayered media is a big step forward in terms of being able to remove the smallest particles of contamination with high efficiency. For example, consider

Fuel and oil: a year-end update

Much has happened this year in the areas of diesel engine oils and alternative fuels. We have approximately one year under our belts with the new API CK-4/FA-4 API performance categories. CK-4 is an improvement over CJ-4 in the areas of oxidative stability, viscosity control (shear stability), air entrainment (aeration), and catalyst/particulate trap durability. CK-4

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