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Hot Shot’s Secret introduces Green Diamond 15W-40 synthetic fleet engine oil

Hot Shot’s Secret has introduced a synthetic 15W-40 engine oil to its Green Diamond Fleet line of diesel oils.

Dorman HD Solutions releases new diesel exhaust fluid injector

Dorman HD Solutions has released a new diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) injector for Blue Bird 2017-12, Ford 2012, Freightliner 2017-12, International 2017-14 and Volvo 2017-12 vehicles.

MVT Solutions partners with emissions testing organizations

MVT Solutions is working to develop a partnership with the University of California, Riverside and MeasureMission.

Not all 10W-30 engine oils are created equally

Vehicle manufacturers and many fleets are moving to lower viscosity oils to obtain better fuel economy and help reduce greenhouse gases compared to SAE 15W-40 engine oils.

The importance of wisely choosing replacement oil coalescing cartridges

Oil-coalescing cartridges—which remove and purge oil aerosols from the system’s air, along with moisture—provide an extra level of protection for these components, which can be costly to replace.

Oil additives are crucial in protecting your engines

When API CK-4 and FA-4 oils were developed, one of the requirements was that lower viscosity FA-4 oils had to meet the same level of engine protection as CK-4 oils.

Watch: The pros and cons of extending oil drain intervals

It’s important to remember that manufacturer oil drain intervals are set for a reason, and that while extending them may work in some applications, it’s not recommended for everyone.

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CK-4 and FA-4 oils provide different benefits

With the creation of two diesel engine oil categories a few years ago and with a growing number of viscosities for diesel engines, fleets need to be aware of the new types of oils—API CK-4 and API FA-4—and the differences between them.

Using technology to plan your fleet’s filter needs and maintain peak operating efficiency

More and more each day, we rely on technology to assist us in our lives. From thermostats that automatically adjust the temperature in our homes based on our schedules to fitness trackers that monitor our physical activity, we are enjoying unprecedented levels of usefulness from various gadgets, mobile apps and other electronic devices. However, for

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How sulfur content in diesel fuel impacts engine oil formulation

Diesel fuel contains sulfur, which derives from the original crude oil source and can still be present after refining.

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Phillips 66 to offer extended warranty guarantee for FA-4 10W-30 oils

Phillips 66 Lubricants announced that it has extended its product quality guarantee to protect heavy-duty fleets against lubricant-related failure in the engine when using Guardol FE 10W-30. With more than 92 million miles of field testing on Guardol FE 10W-30, Phillips 66 says that it has proven the FA-4 product, like CK-4 oils, offers excellent

How to keep your fuel storage tanks clean and dry

Biodiesel does not cause water problems in fuel tanks. I want to say that right off the bat because you may have heard differently over the years.   The truth is that water is potentially an issue with tanks for every kind of fuel—petroleum diesel, renewable diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, jet fuel and on and on.