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Vnomics debuts True Fuel analytics tool

Vnomics Corp. has debuted its True Fuel fuel optimization solution. The patented, standalone system significantly improves fuel economy through real-time driver coaching and precise, comprehensive fuel use analytics for fleet managers, according to the company. “True Fuel is the result of customer feedback and our commitment to the transportation industry to provide a driver coaching and fuel

An update on alternate fuels and taxes

Our dedicated federal government has been busy securing transportation’s future by passing new legislation. As you may already know we, after many attempts, thankfully got long-term transportation funding (could an important election be coming up?), but relevant alternate fuels tax legislation was also passed. Natural gas gets a 50 cent per gallon tax credit, for both

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Update: OEM alternative fuel offerings

Over the years, we have been witness to the ebb and flow of alternative fuels for on-highway vehicles, which has been driven the price and/or availability of oil. Typically, fleet applications drive the choice for specific alternative fuels. We asked truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) about the current alternative fuel trends and demands, and where fleets

How fuel filters impact engine health

Fuel is the lifeblood that runs through the heart of your tractor—the engine—sending power into the truck’s component circulatory system. The key to your equipment’s on-highway heart health lies in the engine getting plenty of exercise as it rolls towards its million-mile goal, and to make sure it’s fed the cleanest diesel fuel possible. The

Eaton revises, renames its lubricant product line

Eaton Corp. has revised its line of synthetic lubricants with new specifications, new labeling and a new name. These initiatives have been made to help customers identify and use the proper lubricant to ensure the best possible performance of Eaton medium- and heavy-duty transmissions and other commercial vehicle components, the company explained. Two new specifications have been introduced: One

Luber-finer releases MXM Nano Tech air filters

Luber-finer has introduced its new MXM Nano Tech air filters. Offering 99.99% overall filtration efficiency, the Luber-finer MXM Nano Tech air filters remove airborne contaminants and protect heavy duty engines, the company said. Luber-finer’s new Nano Tech media, according to the company, is designed to keep contaminants at the surface of the filter media and away from the engine. The MXM

What will be the impact of PC-11’s second category?

I just returned from making a presentation at the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference (AETC) associated with the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis. This is the biggest event in the world for people who earn their livings racing. The general public is not allowed to attend. There I found that even racers and race engine

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Can diesel prices stay this low?

From the beginning, people said it couldn’t last. The falling diesel fuel prices were bound to be temporary; fleets should not adjust their spending plans. There was every reason to think this was true—it had been years since diesel prices hit such a low. Then they kept falling and falling, and they stayed low for

Chevron to begin PC-11 public education campaign

In reaction to the news that the ASTM International’s Automotive Lubricants Subcommittee has approved the new Proposed Category 11 (PC-11) specifications for the next generation of heavy-duty diesel engine oils to be licensed on Dec. 1, 2016, Chevron Products Co. has begun a PC-11 public education campaign. The company says that the goal of the campaign is

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Some thoughts on fuel economy

In this column, I want to discuss fuel economy (FE), in the hopes that I might give you a few ideas to experiment within your operation. Note that I said “experiment.” My experience has been that no matter what you hear or read, you need to check new ideas out in your operation. You need

Fuels and lubes column
Phillips 66 Lubricants adds two new heavy-duty synthetic transmission lubricants

Phillips 66 Lubricants has announced the addition of two new heavy-duty synthetic transmission lubricants to its Commercial product line—Triton Synthetic MTF and Kendall SHP Synthetic MTF. The new manual transmission fluids are full-synthetic, fuel-efficient transmission lubricants designed for use in heavy-duty commercial manual transmissions operating in extreme temperatures and extended service intervals. Both products are approved for

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The importance of oil filtration

Lube oil is one of those crucial aspects of truck engine life. It keeps the engine running by reducing friction, removes heat from the engine, and carries debris to the filters. Thus it makes sense that the engine’s filtration system would be similarly important. The filter prevents dirt, carbon, and metal particles from doing damage