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Fullbay, TMC release new state of heavy-duty repair report

Heavy-duty repair shops were challenged by supply chain and staffing issues in 2021, according to the second annual State of Heavy-Duty Repair report issued by Fullbay, in partnership with ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council. Among the key findings of this year’s report: 82% of repair shops faced some disruptions due to supply chain induced parts

Fullbay Cares initiative supports charitable organizations

Fullbay continued its practice of providing educational resources, marketing support and nearly $30,000 in donations to deserving charitable organizations through its Fullbay Cares initiative in 2021. Established in 2020 as a way to give back to the heavy-duty community, Fullbay Cares chooses one organization per month to not only provide a monetary donation, but also bring more

Visible value that parts inventory software can bring to truck shops

It’s probably not a surprise that parts costs can account for a substantial portion of a fleet’s maintenance and repair expenses. What’s not often as apparent, however, is the cost of managing parts, and the ways that activity can be streamlined to generate savings and improve a service operation’s productivity and efficiency. “Fleet operations often

Fullbay names new CEO

Fullbay has announced Patrick McKittrick as its new chief executive officer, effective November 15, 2021. McKittrick succeeds current CEO and Founder Jacob Findlay, who will transition to executive chairman with the company he co-founded in 2014. Prior to joining Fullbay, McKittrick was CEO at FieldRoutes (formerly PestRoutes), and brings years of experience with a proven

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Podcast: Why tracking the right metrics is key for your truck maintenance operation

What makes tracking the right metrics in a fleet maintenance shop so important? According to Jacob Findlay, founder and CEO of Fullbay, a provider of shop management software, it’s important to evolve from a gut feeling, shoot-from-the-hip style of business to a more precise one where the right metrics are tracked, or your shop risks

Fullbay, TMC release State of Heavy-Duty Repair report

Fullbay and the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) have released their State of Heavy-Duty Repair report. Fullbay says the report reveals insights and trends in the commercial vehicle repair industry, including demographics, average revenue, the impact of COVID-19 and more. “This report gives repair shops great insight and benchmarks to compare against

HDAW: The importance of tracking the right metrics in your fleet’s shops

Precise data: it’s one of the most important keys to running a good business, in the fleet world or elsewhere. After all, how will you know where to start improving your business if you don’t have a real sense of where the business is now? This was the theme of a recent talk by Jacob

Fullbay announces repair shop owner appreciation week

Fullbay, a shop management software provider for heavy-duty repair shops, announced today the first-ever Repair Shop Owner Appreciation Week. Aimed at honoring the men and women who own and operate heavy-duty repair shops, the celebration will run Oct. 5-9, 2020, and be recognized annually during the first full week of October. Jacob Findlay, CEO and

The benefits of invoicing software

Everyone wants to get paid, right?

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Making Sense of Truck Classification

Show a truck to the average person off the street, and all they see is a truck. When a driver or fleet manager sees one however, their brains start computing, cataloging the vehicle into the proper class. How much does it weigh? What’s the payload designation? Is it a heavy-duty truck requiring a special license

Fullbay launches ‘Fullbay Cares’ to support heavy-duty community

Fullbay has introduced Fullbay Cares, the company’s new initiative designed to give back to the heavy-duty repair community. The ongoing program will provide assistance via charitable donations, educational resources, employee volunteering and more, the company says. To kick off the program, Fullbay Cares is currently hosting a month-long contribution to help those who have been

Eight common parts inventory headaches, and how to avoid them

It’s already enough of a headache to have to send a truck in for maintenance—pulling a truck from its route for an extended period of time is, of course, not a good recipe for making money with that asset. But if the shop doesn’t have the right part when the truck gets there? That headache