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Geotab CEO Neil Cawse on its latest acquisition and the Big Data strategy going forward

Fleet Equipment caught up with Neil Cawse, Geotab’s chief executive officer, for an update on the acquisition, a look at the shifting landscape of the truck telematics segment and Geotab’s strategy going forward.

Geotab BSM Acquisition Big Data Strategy
Geotab CEO Neil Cawse on data and how connectivity goes beyond the digital

Sit down with Neil Cawse, Geotab’s chief executive officer, and suddenly a world of possibilities opens up before you as the conversation spins through heady stuff like how babies’ brains develop or how the stars in a galaxy relate to each other and how that all corresponds with trucking. Clearly, Neil isn’t thinking just one

Optimizing onboard data-driven systems to mitigate downtime

Onboard intelligence gives fleet managers all the details needed to manage maintenance effectively when vehicles are on the road or in the shop. Everything you need to know, and then some, is available as a reference for service and troubleshooting. Predictive maintenance practices Minneapolis-based Koch Trucking is an over-the-road carrier with 900 power units, mostly

RMJ Technologies’ Predictive Coach software added to Geotab marketplace

RMJ Technologies has announced the availability of its Predictive Coach software on the Geotab marketplace. Predictive Coach, according to the company, provides a customizable and 100% automated fleet driver training system. Using Geotab’s advanced telematics data, Predictive Coach automatically delivers comprehensive training based on driver behavior that can be completed via a laptop, tablet, or

Route4Me added to Geotab marketplace

  Route4Me Inc., a comprehensive dynamic route optimization platform that uses data, data science and machine learning to optimize multi-driver and multi-destination routes, has been added to the Geotab marketplace. Key features of the Route4Me and Geotab platform integration, as described by the company, include: Mobile app – companies can send routes directly from Route4Me

From macro data trends to data security: Outtakes from our truck telematics feature story

There’s only so much blank page bandwidth in the print editions of Fleet Equipment. Often times, our sources will provide so much excellent info that it’s impossible to pack it all into the monthly magazine. Luckily, the Internet is vast and infinite. So here is a truckload of outtakes from our telematics feature story that

How the 2G network sunset is impacting truck telematics

When it comes to sending data like on-board computer telematics information over cellular networks, there are two primary aspects a fleet manager needs to consider: Speed and coverage. Let’s start with speed. Technology moves fast and data communication moves even faster. Cellular networks and telematics providers are keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology offering. “Ten

Geotab highlights GO7 fleet management device

Geotab, a provider of truck telematics technology, highlighted its GO7 fleet management device. This device gives the user second-by-second data accuracy of ignition on, trip distance and time as well as engine idling and speed, according to Geotab. In addition, users can stay aware of service maintenance priorities by extracting valuable information on the health and running

Geotab Go7
How to choose a heavy-duty truck telematics solution

Downtime is costly for fleets. An out-of-service vehicle can cost up to $1,000 per day in lost revenue and productivity. Finding a solution to keep vehicles on the road and business going is essential. Telematics is a way to maximize uptime and driver satisfaction—but only if you choose a solution that doesn’t lock you down