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Tire management is key to understanding fleet tire needs, costs

Taking care of tires is a fleet manager’s top priority. It’s where the rubber meets the road; the costs hit the bottom line. From tire benchmarking to data analysis to management action, crafting a complete tire management program for your tires can be the difference between profitability and dealing with costly tire headaches. “An effective

Tire pressure tips

An effective tire policy must address the four key elements that contribute to the extended life of any tire: air pressure; rotation; mechanical maintenance of the vehicle; and speed. While maintaining the proper overall maintenance of steer and drive tires is relatively simple and achievable, the overall maintenance of a trailer tire is the most

Giti unveils line haul trailer tire for North America

The GT Radial GTL922 FS premium line haul trailer tire, designed for the North American market, is joining the comprehensive lineup of GT Radial commercial tires. This next generation, SmartWay-verified line haul trailer tire features a four straight groove design for enhanced driving stability and effective water flow, the tire maker said. Aggressive sipes and

Concerning tire casings for retread

Regardless of the retread you select, the process rests on the quality of the tire casing. It takes a quality casing to produce a quality retread. Every aspect of the new tire building process impacts casing quality, including the tire building process, grade of materials selected, engineering modeling, tire design and the tire’s dimensional specifications.

GOODYEAR Tire Retread Casings
Rolling with retreads: Extending efficiency and controlling tire TCO

Like most segments of the heavy-duty trucking industry, the fuel efficiency trend is rolling through tire retreads. While the conversation used to revolve around miles to removal, today’s talks are skewing toward fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO). “For most fleets, fuel costs represent the single highest non-payroll operating expense. So fewer stops

Tire Retread Efficiency Cost Ownership