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The true truck tire costs of fuel efficiency

Here’s the thing: Tire manufacturers could churn out heavy-duty truck tires that are far more efficient than what’s available today, but you probably wouldn’t want to equip the trucks in your fleet with them. Yes, fuel-efficient tires are necessary to build your ROI in much of the heavy-duty trucking world. The trouble is, if a tire

Choosing the right truck tire for the right application

Tires are increasingly being made to fit specific applications, and fleet managers should take notice when spec’ing new tires––there’s a lot to take in.

Making effective drive tire choices for everything from linehaul to severe service vehicles

“Fleets want the best of both worlds, so the latest features and technologies being designed in new drive tires are providing industry-leading mileage and even wear,” says Sharon Cowart, director of product marketing at Michelin North America Inc. “Construction features such as dual compound treads allow the tire to be built with a top layer

Giti Tire USA introduces four mixed service commercial truck tires

Giti Tire (USA) is introducing two all-position and two drive-position mixed service commercial truck tires in North America.

Giti introduces two wide base tires for North America

Giti Tire (USA) is introducing the Giti GDL633 FS ultra-wide base tire for the drive axle position and the GTL933 FS ultra-wide base tire for trailers in long haul applications in North America. The GDL633 FS (pictured above left) for the drive axle is SmartWay verified and, according to the company, includes the following features:

Giti launches commercial tire line for North America

Giti Tire USA announced that it is launching the Giti brand of commercial truck tires in North America, with a lineup including long haul, regional, urban/light-duty and mixed-service applications. “We are very excited to be launching the Giti brand of commercial truck tires in the U.S. and Canada. Having our own R&D Center in South

Fill up on truck tire inflation, maintenance tips

For every 10% of under-inflation in the tires on a vehicle, a 1% reduction in fuel economy will occur, said Matthew Hanchana, senior manager of the sales technical department for Giti Tire. That may seem small, but when you multiply by tire positions, trucks in your fleet and miles run per year, the cost adds

How to extend tire tread life

Maintaining trailer tires is one of the most challenging aspects of commercial fleet maintenance, since tires are frequently rotated or released in a route or during a delivery change. With tires making up one of the largest costs of fleet equipment, we’ve asked industry experts for tips on extending the tread life of trailer tires—recommendations

Giti Tire changes senior management team for North America

Giti Tire has made changes to its senior management team that will help the company capitalize on its growth and expansion plans in North America. “We have introduced many outstanding products and have had much success in the North American marketplace, but our journey has just started,” said Dr. Enki Tan, executive chairman of the Giti

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Spec and manage fuel efficient tires

If even only one of your trucks is used in an application during which it is at highway speeds and you’re not using fuel efficient tires, you need to take another look at what you have mounted on that truck’s wheels. Paul Crehan, director of product marketing for trucks at Michelin North America, said, “Fleets

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