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GPS Insight announces Skilled Trades Scholarship winners

Both winners will be awarded $10,000 each for the pursuit of full-time skilled trades study.

GPS Insight enhances Field Service Management suite

GPS Insight has announced enhancements to its integrated Field Service Management (FSM) suite. The Field Service Management suite is being tailored to integrate with GPS Insight fleet management, empowering business leaders to ensure alignment among workers across both fleet and field. Significant product enhancements that support the synergy of fleet and field service management include:

GPS Insight integrates Geotab device data into fleet, field management applications

GPS Insight, a provider of SaaS-based fleet and field service management software solutions, announced it has entered into a reseller agreement with Geotab. GPS Insight joins the Geotab community not only as a reseller, but also as a consumer and distributor of data from Geotab’s telematics devices. Through this agreement with Geotab, GPS Insight will integrate

Trailer tracking tips to address theft

Cargo theft ticked up in 2020 during the pandemic and continues to plague fleets. Even the mere threat of a trailer gone missing can cause a cold sweat. So what if you could track it? In the same way you can pinpoint a missing cell phone, you can track a trailer. But it’s not just

GPS Insight acquires FieldAware

GPS Insight, provider of software-as-a-service-based fleet management software and complementary solutions in the United States and Canada, announced the acquisition of FieldAware, a made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service solutions. The acquisition advances field services and fleet tracking capabilities for GPS Insight, allowing them to better serve customers of all sizes through a more robust and comprehensive

Seven steps to fleet safety

Years of rising insurance premiums have pushed fleet operators to their limits, with many insurance carriers mitigating costs through dramatically increased deductibles and reduced coverage, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. Yet, a growing number of carriers are reining in insurance spending – without taking on excess liability – by leveraging advanced fleet safety

Ideas for reducing equipment costs across your fleet

It’s time to start cutting costs. FTR noted late last week that it views February as likely the last positive for its trucking condition index. Ouch. Not a fun headline. But that’s our short-term reality. Smart fleets will start optimizing its equipment utilization, squeezing out every fraction of fuel efficiency they can, stepping up their

Ideas for reducing equipment costs across your fleet GPS Insight Unscripted
GPS Insight will provide roadside assistance

GPS Insight will begin to provide a new roadside assistance solution for its customers, in partnership with Allstate.

Trailer rightsizing: Increase productivity with the right operational mix

Fleet rightsizing — it’s a task that most fleet managers have had to wrestle with over the past few years. How many trucks are too many and how many are not enough? It’s the classic Goldilocks problem of finding the fleet size that is “just right.” For many fleet managers, the concept of rightsizing first

Optimizing trailer utilization: Using telematics to operate assets more efficiently

Motor carriers are facing industry-altering challenges such as driver shortages, which directly reduce available capacity and thereby the ability to meet the demands of fleet customers.

How to make truck technology work for you

Everyone has problems. The problem is: we don’t all have the same problems. Challenges are often as specific to a fleet as their equipment spec, and when we talk about technology, it’s easy to talk in vague, broad brush strokes about fuel efficiency increases, operational improvements and ROI. It all begs the question: What does

Where to start with trailer telematics

Fleet Equipment is here to help you along your way as you hit the next mile marker on the road to improved asset efficiency.