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Winter is coming: Is your fleet prepared?

It may not be something that everyone (OK, anyone) wants to think about, but the fact remains that winter is on its way. Everyone needs to be prepared for what’s ahead, and that includes fleets. It’s the harshest season for trucks, which face issues from the brakes freezing to the products being hauled in trailers

Great Dane winter 1
Pilot review: Part 2 – Trailers from paper to prototype

Just in terms of the benefits—accuracy in specs and a valuable relationship—pilot reviews and relationships equal productive trailers. Your responses to last month’s column on the importance of properly conducted tractor pilot reviews turned my attention to the new trailer review process. This month, trailer manufacturers underscore the importance of paper reviews (specs) and pilot

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Great Dane welcomes new dealership in Montreal

Great Dane is pleased to announce the addition of Great Dane of Montreal to its Canadian distribution network. “I’m very happy to announce the opening of our newest dealer location in Canada,” said Chris Hammond, vice president of Dealer and International Sales for Great Dane. “Great Dane of Montreal is the trailer sales division of

Great Dane welcomes new dealership in Montreal
Webb Wheel OEM business unit wins first Great Dane Supplier of the Year Award

The OEM Business Unit of Webb Wheel Products has been honored by Great Dane Trailers as the first winner of the company’s Supplier of the Year Award in the large vendor category. Great Dane inaugurated the Supplier of the Year Award in 2013, establishing criteria to score its top 100 suppliers for recognition. The OEM