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New GT Radial commercial truck tires rolled out in the U.S.

GT Radial has released a lineup of next-generation commercial truck tires iin the U.S., including “Cross Regional” and “Cross Urban” products designed for fleets that perform a combination of long haul, regional and urban runs. GT Radial commercial tires, including 11 tread patterns and 29 SKUs, are available now to U.S. tire dealers. Nine of

Tire pressure tips

An effective tire policy must address the four key elements that contribute to the extended life of any tire: air pressure; rotation; mechanical maintenance of the vehicle; and speed. While maintaining the proper overall maintenance of steer and drive tires is relatively simple and achievable, the overall maintenance of a trailer tire is the most

Concerning tire casings for retread

Regardless of the retread you select, the process rests on the quality of the tire casing. It takes a quality casing to produce a quality retread. Every aspect of the new tire building process impacts casing quality, including the tire building process, grade of materials selected, engineering modeling, tire design and the tire’s dimensional specifications.

GOODYEAR Tire Retread Casings
GT Radial releases mixed service tire with deep lug tread design

The new GT Radial GDM635 on/off highway drive tire is being introduced in North America to provide mixed service fleets consistent traction, effective protection against stones and long tread wear. Featuring 1-in. (32/32nds) of tread rubber for  durability and wear, the GT Radial GDM635 is currently available in the 11R24.5 size, the company reported. It is

GT Radial releases mixed service tire with deep lug tread design