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Haldex introduces air disc brake savings online calculator

Haldex has introduced an Air Disc Brake Savings Calculator to help fleets determine the long-term savings of air disc brakes compared to drum brakes over the life of the vehicle (tractor or trailer). The web-based calculator was developed to allow fleets to input customized data into the calculator to determine their “life of the vehicle” savings by

Checking truck air disc brakes

When checking your air disc brakes, be sure to follow these tips provided by Haldex. Build the air system to governor cut-out (120-135 PSI), release the parking (spring) brakes and cycle the service brake pedal until the compressor cuts-in. Note: The cut-in pressure, minimum 85 PSI bus, 100 PSI truck/tractor (FMVSS 571.121). With the compressor

Preventative maintenance to avoid CSA brake violations

There’s a lot to remember when inspecting brakes; fleets need to make sure everything is operating properly, and that potentially costly CSA violations can be avoided. Fleet Equipment polled our experts from our CSA brake story on the steps they recommend taking in a brake inspection. Read the full story on common issues that lead to CSA violations,

How to maintain tractor-trailer electrical connection

When it comes to tractor-trailer electrical connections, spec’ing and maintaining equipment is vital. This is especially true these days with fleets seeking to avoid CSA inspections that often lead to time off the road and costly citations. Spec the best “At Peterson, we have been actively selling and promoting our Defender sealed, modular harness and

Check your brakes: Putting a stop to brake-related CSA issues

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s CSA violations should be an unnecessary problem, especially since they can lead to costly delays, and unexpected downtime may cause fleets to lose customers not only because of delays. After citations related to lighting problems, brakes are the second most commonly penalized item—18.7% of violations handed out by the CVSA in

How axles improve traction and safety

A roundup of the latest in heavy-duty axles and how they improve traction and safety. Steve Slesinski, director of global product strategy, planning and management for the commercial vehicle market at Dana Inc., explains how Dana axles fit into creating better traction control, saying…

The inside scoop on spec’ing axles and brake ratings

For optimum performance and safety, brakes and suspensions need to be a match and work well together. So what do fleets need to know? Fleet Equipment asked major suppliers to provide the inside information.

ZF announces offer to acquire Haldex

German truck company ZF has announced a public offer for Haldex, a Swedish supplier of brake products and air suspension systems for commercial vehicles. ZF will offer SEK (Swedish kronor) 100.00 per Haldex share in cash, valuing Haldex at SEK 4.4 billion (approximately $516 million U.S.). ZF has obtained an undertaking to accept the offer

Applying the brakes: Ensuring the future of truck safety

Advanced safety systems that employ radar- and camera-based technologies that enable adaptive cruise control and even autonomous truck operation rely heavily on one specific component—the brakes. The safety of these futuristic collision mitigation systems rests squarely on proper brake application, operation and maintenance. “It’s important to keep in mind that advances in collision mitigation technology

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