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Finding truck equipment that delivers durability and driver comfort

You get in the truck. You get out of the truck. You get in the truck. You get out of the truck. You drive on road. You drive off road. You drive on road. You drive off road. This is the rhythm of the hard-working vocational truck and its driver. It’s just as hard on

truck equipment delivers durability and driver comfort
Tough vocational suspensions that go easy on your drivers

Rolling over rugged off-road terrain, hauling heavy loads and tackling tasks that require your drivers to get in and out of the truck countless times throughout the day are all par for the course in vocational truck applications. It’s hard work tackled by tough equipment, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard on

Hendrickson launches Haulmaax EX rubber suspension on International HX Series

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems has partnered with Navistar to offer Haulmaax EX as a part of the chassis enhancements of the International HX. With the updated vehicle’s release, Hendrickson will be launching its next-generation, heavy-duty rubber suspension Haulmaax EX as the standard rubber suspension offering. The company says the Haulmaax EX suspension is optimized

International truck unwraps the new HX Series trucks

The new International HX Series is the first product released under the company’s Navistar 4.0 strategy and its Project Compass initiative. The new HX Series is available in both a set-forward axle HX520 and a set-back axle HX620. The HX620 comes standard with the International A26 engine, delivering up to 500 HP. Additionally, both the

Hendrickson acquires Stemco’s Motor Wheel, Crewson businesses

Hendrickson recently announced the acquisition of the Motor Wheel brake drum & Crewson slack adjuster business segments, from Stemco and parent company EnPro Industries. “We are excited about this acquisition and the rich American heritage of Motor Wheel. We have been working to revitalize the Motor Wheel name with a new brand mark, a tagline

Hendrickson suspensions available on Western Star 49X

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems has partnered with Western Star Trucks to offer a premium rear suspension portfolio as a part of the chassis enhancements of the Western Star 49X. The suspension offerings include the introduction of Haulmaax EX and the expansion of Ultimaax and Primaax EX on the new Western Star truck. “Customers today

Answering your tire pressure management questions

You’ve heard the stats: tires are the second-highest annual cost for the average fleet, behind fuel; and a major component of that is tire pressure. But why is that, and what can you do about it? FE spoke with many major players in the truck tire industry to answer your biggest questions about tire pressure

An overview of the TPMS and ATIS offerings

There is a wide variety of tire inflation technology available, both in TPMS and ATIS form. Let’s take a quick look at some of the offerings.

Hendrickson acquires slack adjuster business from Stemco

Hendrickson has acquired the Motor Wheel Brake Drum & Crewson slack adjuster business segments, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Berea, Kentucky, from Stemco and parent company EnPro Industries. The business segments will operate as a division of Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems. The Motor Wheel & Crewson names will be kept and used as a

Connecting brakes, wheel ends and other trailer components with telematics

The majority of fleet managers are used to the capabilities of truck telematics, but they may not be as familiar with trailer telematics, which are newer and just now starting to grow into their potential usefulness. Why have trailer telematics lagged behind their tractor brethren? It’s a complicated question, with an uncomplicated answer. “At the

Hendrickson launches new digital trailer parts catalog

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems has launched a new online digital Trailer Suspension Parts Catalog. The new digital Hendrickson Trailer Parts Catalog with interactive navigation can be browsed online here. The digital parts catalog is accessible through any mobile or desktop device and does not require additional downloads or apps. “The new digital catalog offers

Keeping an eye on brake wear

A vehicle cuts in front of your truck and stops abruptly. The truck driver slams on the brakes only to find that the truck’s stopping distance isn’t what it once was—these brakes haven’t been inspected recently. Without the proper stopping distance, an accident becomes inevitable. It’s an extreme example to be sure, but it’s just