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Hendrickson acquires slack adjuster business from Stemco

Hendrickson has acquired the Motor Wheel Brake Drum & Crewson slack adjuster business segments, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Berea, Kentucky, from Stemco and parent company EnPro Industries. The business segments will operate as a division of Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems. The Motor Wheel & Crewson names will be kept and used as a

Connecting brakes, wheel ends and other trailer components with telematics

The majority of fleet managers are used to the capabilities of truck telematics, but they may not be as familiar with trailer telematics, which are newer and just now starting to grow into their potential usefulness. Why have trailer telematics lagged behind their tractor brethren? It’s a complicated question, with an uncomplicated answer. “At the

Hendrickson launches new digital trailer parts catalog

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems has launched a new online digital Trailer Suspension Parts Catalog. The new digital Hendrickson Trailer Parts Catalog with interactive navigation can be browsed online here. The digital parts catalog is accessible through any mobile or desktop device and does not require additional downloads or apps. “The new digital catalog offers

Keeping an eye on brake wear

A vehicle cuts in front of your truck and stops abruptly. The truck driver slams on the brakes only to find that the truck’s stopping distance isn’t what it once was—these brakes haven’t been inspected recently. Without the proper stopping distance, an accident becomes inevitable. It’s an extreme example to be sure, but it’s just

Preventative maintenance to avoid brake wear

It’s important that your technicians are trained on how to spot brake wear, and that your shops have systems and schedules in place aimed at avoiding wear issues on brakes. “The only real way to keep an eye out for irregular brake wear is visual inspection on both drum and disc systems. Spotting irregular wear provides

Hendrickson launches new mobile app

Hendrickson has launched a new app, available on the Apple and Android stores. The company says the new app centralizes a collection of Hendrickson product and training videos, Parts Plus lookup system, technician help and Field Service Request system for ease of access and reference.

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Hendrickson Steertek NXT available on International MV Trucks, IC Bus CE Series buses

Hendrickson Truck Commercial Vehicle Systems is expanding its Steertek NXT portfolio of fabricated front steer axles to include 10K and 12K capacities for the medium-duty truck and bus segments. These new configurations are now available to order on International MV trucks and IC Bus CE Series buses as optional equipment. Hendrickson says that its design

Your go-to tractor, trailer suspension inspection and maintenance guide

Legally, you are required to inspect your tractor and trailer suspension systems annually, but running a safe and productive fleet demands more than a once-a-year suspension check.

Tractors and trailers: How does suspension maintenance differ?

Proper tractor and trailer suspension inspection is more a question of your team’s focus.

Brake pad development heading into the copper-reduced era

Five years ago, an agreement between the EPA, states and automotive industry players was signed to reduce the use of copper in brake pads. Next year, brake pads will need to reduce copper to less than 5% by weight, and then less than 0.5% by 2025. There’s no magic button that will make this happen;

International Truck touts new Hendrickson suspension

International Truck touted its vocational product lineup, including an International HV Series featuring the Hendrickson Haulmaax EX suspension, an upgraded suspension offering for the HV and HX Series lineup. The truck also features Hendrickson Composilite EXS lift axles, which are a new offering from International. The company says the Hendrickson Haulmaax EX suspension offers features

Podcast: Discussing Fleet Equipment’s 2019 Truck Trend of the Year

FE’s Trend of the Year for 2019 is the new innovations and products being put forward by the trucking industry’s suppliers.