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Truck & trailer suspensions: Application is key

If you’re an established fleet, chances are you have go-to specs for your trucks that you’ve stuck to for a long time. As well as those choices might have worked for you up to this point, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate them every once in a while. If they’re still working for you, that’s

Hendrickson, Mack Defense partner to win U.S. Army contract

Hendrickson and Mack Defense LLC announced that they have received a contract award from the U.S. Army for PRIMAAX EX suspension systems on all new Mack Granitearmored and armor-capable dump trucks. Bids were submitted beginning in June 2017 and production will continue through May 18, 2025. The PRIMAAX EX suspension system provides a rugged, weight-efficient design that

Technology in the world of truck tires

Technology is taking over the trucking industry. That much is clear across every aspect of the truck—from the state-of-the-art features of the engine to the tracking software that lets you know where your trailer is at all times. Naturally, it’s true for the tires as well. It might not be the most immediate area you

Not too high, not too low: The importance of keeping your truck tire inflation levels just right

A fleet manager’s job is focused on the little things. A tenth of an MPG here, an extended maintenance cycle there—across a fleet, these seemingly small points can add up to significant profits. The same goes for truck tire inflation: a few PSI in the right direction can go a long way, while a few

Inside wheel ends: How slack adjusters could raise wheel end temperatures

Wheel end thermal events are serious maintenance issues that can be caused by setup, maintenance, driver neglect, road debris or some combination of all of these. Before we look at how slack adjusters may factor into higher wheel end temperatures let’s get this out of the way first: Each wheel end thermal service event needs

Riding on air: The application benefits of air ride suspensions

Suspensions have a job that is both difficult and crucial. Think of them like the spine of the vehicle, supporting both the handling and the ride quality, keeping cargo in good shape while making sure the driver is shielded from the harshest bumps on the road. The importance of this component cannot be overlooked. There

What you need to know about air disc brakes as they increase in popularity

Over the past few years, the take rate of air disc brakes (ADBs) has been steadily growing. This growth has only accelerated recently, thanks in part to the fact that many truck OEMs have made air disc brakes standard equipment. International, Kenworth and Peterbilt are among the manufacturers who now offer ADBs as standard on

international-lT Series Truck
Watch: Heavy-duty Aftermarket Week—On the show floor

Las Vegas played host to the 2018 Heavy-Duty Aftermarket week recently, and the show offered a bevy of press announcements. (Click here for all the news from HDAW 2018.) Here are some of the highlights. Meritor announced a new product portfolio strategy with distinct aftermarket brands that includes multiple price points. The portfolio offers Mach

Haldex ModulT air disc brake now offered by Hendrickson

Hendrickson has recently added the Haldex ModulT air disc brake as a product offering for trailer applications. Features of the Haldex Air Disc Brake ModulT, according to the company, include: Features a unique combination of low weight and high performance for a broad field of applications. The single-tappet mechanism provides excellent pressure distribution. The result

Hendrickson launches air disc brake wear indicator tool

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems has introduced a new air disc brake (ADB) wear indicator tool. The tool allows maintenance personnel to check brake pad and rotor thickness without removing the wheel or the brake pads from the caliper. “Regularly inspecting the thickness of your brake pads and rotors is important for maximizing the performance

Truck tire inflation tips

The biggest challenge ensuring that you maximize your tire life is maintain proper inflation. According to Tiona Campbell, program manager for the Hendrickson controls business unit, underinflation is the biggest threat to tire life. Underinflation results in sidewall deflection, which generates excess heat and, in turn, weakens the internal tire structure, called the carcass. When

It’s in the air: Managing and maintaining tires to increase service life

The number of tire-related issues and roadside events could be significantly reduced by maintaining proper tire pressure inspections; ultimately, downtime on the side of the road can be reduced. If a tire is 20% below recommended pressure, it must be considered flat. “Maintaining proper tire air pressure is probably the single most important maintenance activity