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OTC introduces Hendrickson front and rear suspension bushing adapter kits

OTC has introduced new bushing adapter kits for Hendrickson front and rear suspensions in heavy-duty applications. The OTC 4250 Front Suspension Bushing Adapter Kit and 4254 Rear Suspension Bushing Adapter Kit are now available for select Hendrickson suspensions. The 4250 Front Suspension Bushing Adapter Kit (pictured above) aids in the removal and installation process for

Answering your trailer brake questions

Being the crucial pieces of equipment they are, brakes are always on the forefronts of fleet managers’ minds when it comes to upgrades and maintenance. With the continued steady growth of disc brake adoption on both tractors and trailers, you may have some questions, like whether to use disc brakes or drum brakes on your

Top maintenance tips for trailer brakes

Maintenance for brakes is, obviously, crucial—the brakes are what stops the truck, after all. More fleets are spec’ing air disc brakes, but as these brakes are new to a lot of fleets, they may not be aware of what needs to be looked at when it comes to preventative maintenance. Here’s what several brake experts

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East Manufacturing offers Hendrickson MAXX22T as air disc brake package option

East Manufacturing has announced that the Hendrickson MAXX22T trailer air disc brake with Dura-Light hub will be offered as the preferred air disc brake package option on East trailers. The MAXX22T with Dura-Light hub will be the preferred ADB option but additional brands are available. According to the company, MAXX22T features include the lightweight Dura-Light hub with a premium

Preventative maintenance to avoid CSA brake violations

There’s a lot to remember when inspecting brakes; fleets need to make sure everything is operating properly, and that potentially costly CSA violations can be avoided. Fleet Equipment polled our experts from our CSA brake story on the steps they recommend taking in a brake inspection. Read the full story on common issues that lead to CSA violations,

Check your brakes: Putting a stop to brake-related CSA issues

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s CSA violations should be an unnecessary problem, especially since they can lead to costly delays, and unexpected downtime may cause fleets to lose customers not only because of delays. After citations related to lighting problems, brakes are the second most commonly penalized item—18.7% of violations handed out by the CVSA in

Hendrickson Softek NXT suspension now available on Peterbilt 579, 567

Peterbilt Motors Co. has announced the availability of the Hendrickson Softek NXT integrated monoleaf suspension and steer axle system for the Model 579 and the Model 567 with set forward axles. The next generation integrated steer system saves more than 100 lbs. compared to traditional two-leaf spring and I-beam axle systems, benefiting fuel-conscious applications such as tankers and

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The inside scoop on spec’ing axles and brake ratings

For optimum performance and safety, brakes and suspensions need to be a match and work well together. So what do fleets need to know? Fleet Equipment asked major suppliers to provide the inside information.

Applying the brakes: Ensuring the future of truck safety

Advanced safety systems that employ radar- and camera-based technologies that enable adaptive cruise control and even autonomous truck operation rely heavily on one specific component—the brakes. The safety of these futuristic collision mitigation systems rests squarely on proper brake application, operation and maintenance. “It’s important to keep in mind that advances in collision mitigation technology

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Saving fuel, improving efficiency with lift axles

Lift axles, so named for the attached air bags or springs that lift the axle off the road’s surface when it is not needed, are becoming an increasingly popular option for fleets. Lift axles can be mounted on either the truck or the trailer, and promise fuel and tire savings since the axle is only

How bridge formula laws impact lift axle design

One important aspect affecting the spec’ing of lift axles is the Bridge Formula, which was created by the federal government in order to keep bridges from becoming too overloaded. This federal law states that two or more consecutive axles may not exceed the weight computed by the Bridge Formula even though single axles, tandem axles

To protect and serve: The value of air ride suspensions

When it comes to specifying the right system, fleets need to rely on the expertise of suppliers. For example, Jim Rushe, program manager of on-highway trailer products at Hendrickson International, says that “Hendrickson has a sales and service network that works directly with the fleet to understand its anticipated cargo and the equipment operating conditions.