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Staying safe: The Hino XL Series’ safety options

Advanced collision mitigation systems have been enjoying increased adoption rates in medium-duty applications as fleet managers see the safety benefits—from keeping their drivers safe to reducing costs associated with crashes. Last year, Hino Trucks and WABCO Holdings Inc. announced a strategic partnership in which WABCO will provide its latest generation braking control technology and a

Jacobs launches engine brake for Hino XL Series trucks

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has launched a compression release engine brake for the 2020 Hino XL Series truck. The Jacobs Engine Brake is currently available on Hino’s A09 engine and will come factory-installed on all XL7 and XL8 Series trucks. Company engineers collaborated to optimize the engine brake for the new truck, the companies said. Some

New truck, new Class: Hino Trucks XL Series makes its Class 8 market debut

For Hino Trucks, coming into the Class 8 market was a decision that was not made lightly. “There haven’t been a lot of new players in the Class 8 market in a long time; there’s a well-established product offering in the marketplace today,” said Glenn Ellis, senior vice president of customer experience for Hino Trucks,

Hino Trucks, WABCO announce strategic partnership

Hino Trucks and WABCO Holdings Inc. have announced a strategic partnership. Under the agreement, WABCO will provide its latest generation braking control technology and a range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for Hino Trucks’ forthcoming heavy-duty truck debut in North America. Hino’s XL Series Class 7 and 8 trucks are slated to begin production

Hino, Jacobs Vehicle Systems sign long-term agreement

Hino Motors and Jacobs Vehicle Systems have signed a long-term supply agreement which will last through 2025. Through this agreement, Jacobs will continue to provide engine braking technologies for Hino, as seen on the A09 and A05 engine platforms. This contract allows Jacobs and Hino to expand their working relationship and bring new technologies to

Hino Trucks celebrates 10th annual Master Elite Service Skills competition

Hino Trucks announced the winner of their Service Skills Competition during an awards ceremony at the University of Michigan celebrating the tenth annual event. The competition highlights the hard work and dedication of Hino’s Master Elite Technicians from across the country. After a national qualification round to establish 24 finalists, and a day of live

Hino makes its first foray into the North American Class 8 market with the XL Series

Hino Trucks has announced the launch of the XL series. The XL7 and XL8 trucks will be the first Class 8 offerings ever from Hino in the U.S. market. Hino acknowledges the challenge of joining the Class 8 fray, with Dominik Beckman, the company’s director of marketing, noting that this is “arguably something no OEM

Hino celebrates 10-year manufacturing anniversary

The Hino Motors Manufacturing facility in Williamstown, W.V., has celebrated its tenth anniversary of medium-duty truck production. This 245,000-sq. ft. location produces Hino’s Class 6 & 7 conventional body style trucks. “Our success has allowed us to invest in our capabilities to better service our customers as well as support the local job market,” said

Dana recognized by Hino Trucks for on-time delivery

Dana Inc. announced that it was recognized by Hino Motors Manufacturing, Inc. for 100% on-time delivery at the annual Hino supplier conference last month. Dana currently supplies driveshafts, companion flanges, and yokes to Hino from facilities in North America and Asia. These components are used on a range of Hino medium-duty trucks, as well as

Hino Trucks announces Certified Ultimate dealerships

Hino Trucks announces the first seven dealerships to reach “Certified Ultimate” status in a new dealership excellence initiative. Designed to raise the bar for an overall dealership experience, the Certified Ultimate program rounds out Hino’s Ultimate Ownership Experience positioning with new standards for Parts, Sales and Service departments that increase speed, aid communication and provide

Hino Trucks, Denso Corp. close diesel aftertreatment supply deal

Denso Corp. has entered into an agreement with Hino Trucks to supply various makes and models diesel aftertreatment products, including DPFs and components, to their dealer organization. The Denso program will be offered to all Hino dealerships across the country. Denso and its partner Dinex will supply DPFs, bellows, clamps, gaskets, mufflers and many other necessary components for various

Spec’ing for medium-duty applications

“Operators of medium-duty trucks have heavy-duty expectations,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth’s marketing manager. “Truck manufacturers are working to make it simpler for customers who want heavy-duty characteristics in traditional medium-duty applications. The challenge in spec’ing a medium-duty truck is to find the right balance between over- and under-spec’ing in order to achieve the performance and

Freightliner medium-duty