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Making truck drivers happy and meeting decarbonization goals

Greater sustainability through decarbonization doesn’t mean that you have to make drastic equipment choices. Electric trucks are viable for some applications today (and growth into other applications is mostly certain), but not every fleet can be a first adopter. Business basics come into play; but that doesn’t mean that you sit on the sustainability sidelines.

Don’t sit idly by: Putting idle reduction solutions to work saving money, retaining drivers

Trucks are made to be in motion. When efficiency is judged by MPG, the truck’s worst fuel efficiency is when the truck sits still. Idling burns fuel and can lead to increased maintenance issues. That’s why a number of idle reduction solutions are gaining ground with fleet managers aiming to lower diesel usage costs and

Truck Idle Reduction Equipment money
Power to the people: Truck stop electrification

We are a power-hungry society. Of course, I mean electrical power. Walk into any coffee shop and you’re sure to find people huddled around plugged-in mobile workstations; glance around any airport and you’ll see people uncomfortably tethered to the closest outlet. Today’s truck drivers are no different—they demand power for their sleeper creature comforts. There’s

Implementing idling-reduction solutions to save money, meet regulations

As truck equipment advances to meet high-efficiency expectations, increased regulations demand more attention from fleet managers who already have their hands full meeting schedules and keeping trucks running. Idle regulations, for example, can be one of the most challenging regulations to keep up with, as they vary from city to city and state to state.