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Photo Gallery: ACT Expo 2022

Surprises were around every corner at ACT Expo. Take the electric International RH truck above. It was hanging out at the Navistar Next technology trailer. No announcement, and International was tight-lipped about the equipment details, but it was there. And here’s a look under the hood. A pretty cool tease, and hopefully we’ll hear more

International MV Series supports snowplow applications

Navistar announced the recently updated International MV Series has been purpose built to support snowplow applications. The redesigned truck now benefits customers with a chassis configuration specifically focused on plows, improved packaging for easy integration and a multitude of safety features and uptime enhancements. The 14,700-lb. front axle and suspension were designed with the snowplow application in mind. A

Navistar on Navistar: The Complete Series

It’s a new era for Navistar. Its new ownership, the TRATON Group, is writing the next chapter in Navistar history. In talking with Mathias Carlbaum, chief executive officer and president, Navistar International Corp., it was clear that the theme will be focused, not on where Navistar has been, but where Navistar is going. “Everybody’s aware

Navistar on Navistar: The TRATON Impact

It was the day Navistar had waited for since the company had turned year-over-year profitability in 2019 after launching a product refresh. The announcement that the TRATON Group would acquire Navistar shot across the wire in mid-October 2020 and in July 2021, the $3.7 billion deal was done, the ink was dried and the now

Navistar on Navistar: EV expansion–will battery technology win out?

Electrification is the talk of the trucking world and Navistar has thrown its hat into the EV ring with the launch of the eMV. Its battery electric motor provides peak power of over 335 HP, or 250 kilowatts, with continuous power of 215 HP or 160 kW. The eMV has a 210kW capacity high-voltage battery

Navistar on Navistar: Truck service in the days of data

A crowd grew around the Navistar press conference where a screen displayed the type of truck telematics that we come to expect today, but this was 2014, and the truck that was being tracked wasn’t an International truck. OnCommand Connection was one of the savviest moves the OEM made in the 2010s. It was the

Making truck service data visible, actionable, easy to understand

The headline of this post is easier said than done. All data-driven service providers are aiming to help fleets reduce downtime through better use of truck service information, but the above three points of focus are specifically what Navistar is driving toward, according to Brian Mulshine, director, customer experience, Navistar. I caught up with Brian

Navistar standardizes factory-installed truck telematics device

Navistar continues to pursue a data-driven future with the standardization of a factory-installed telematics device on all new builds of the complete Class 6-8 International Truck and IC Bus vehicle product portfolios, including electric models. This allows all stakeholders access to actionable vehicle data, enhanced capabilities with industry partners and further improved integration for upfitting

Photo gallery: Walk through Navistar’s new San Antonio manufacturing plant

Navistar rolled out the red carpet to cut the Navistar-orange ribbon, announcing the opening of the truck manufacturer’s San Antonio Manufacturing Plant–a more than $250 million investment that broke ground in June 2020 on a nearly 1-million square-foot plant has the capacity to produce Class 6-8 vehicles. I had the chance to walk the line

What the Navistar San Antonio plant means to the International Truck manufacturer

The opening of the Navistar San Antonio plant, a technology driven, sustainability minded manufacturing facility that will churn out Class 6 through 8 marked a new era for Navistar. It was the first in-person media event held under the TRATON Group ownership and the atmosphere was one of forward-looking investment and confidence in the new

International enhances preventive maintenance planning

International, the commercial truck brand of Navistar Inc., displayed Advanced Preventive Maintenance at the Technology and Maintenance Council Meeting and Expo. First introduced in International’s premium set of connected vehicle solutions, Intelligent Fleet Care, Advanced Preventive Maintenance uses data collected from Navistar’s connected services platform OnCommand Connection to calculate fuel economy and identify the optimum

Navistar International TMC Display
Photo gallery: TMC 2022

What a difference six months makes. The last TMC took place in September just as supply chain stranglehold was tightening its grip, and you could feel the frustration in the trucking industry on all sides. This year’s TMC show struck a distinctly more positive note. The press day on Sunday was packed with products and