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Jacobs Vehicle Systems delivers eight-millionth engine brake

This delivery comes less than two years after Jacobs shipped its seven millionth brake, and nearly 60 years after the company’s first engine brake.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems introduces fulcrum bridge engine technology to off-highway market

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has introduced its Fulcrum Bridge technology to the off-highway market. Jacobs says the technology eliminates the need to periodically adjust an engine’s lash settings, making conventional engine braking compatible for the first time with lashless technology.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Tula Technology to collaborate on cylinder deactivation hardware

The two businesses will work closely together to enable Jacobs to further develop cylinder deactivation technologies, which reduce engine fuel consumption and emissions.

Jacobs Vehicle Systems receives PACCAR supplier award

Jacobs Vehicle Systems was recently recognized by PACCAR for meeting or exceeding the company’s 10 PPM quality standard, which stands for delivering no more than 10 defective parts for every million components supplied.

Jacobs Engine Brake now standard on International A26 engine

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has released the engine brake model 5783A as standard equipment on the International A26 engine.

Jacobs launches engine brake for Hino XL Series trucks

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has launched a compression release engine brake for the 2020 Hino XL Series truck. The Jacobs Engine Brake is currently available on Hino’s A09 engine and will come factory-installed on all XL7 and XL8 Series trucks. Company engineers collaborated to optimize the engine brake for the new truck, the companies said. Some

Jacobs delivers one-millionth engine brake for HDEP

Jacobs Vehicle Systems, manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engine retarding systems and valve actuation mechanisms, announced the sale of its one millionth engine brake for Daimler Trucks’ heavy duty engine platform (HDEP). For more than 10 years, Daimler Trucks has relied on the braking performance of the “Jake Brake,” a turbocharged compression release brake

Hino, Jacobs Vehicle Systems sign long-term agreement

Hino Motors and Jacobs Vehicle Systems have signed a long-term supply agreement which will last through 2025. Through this agreement, Jacobs will continue to provide engine braking technologies for Hino, as seen on the A09 and A05 engine platforms. This contract allows Jacobs and Hino to expand their working relationship and bring new technologies to

Jacobs Vehicle Systems launches 1.5 Stroke HPD engine brake

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has launched 1.5 Stroke HPD, a new variation of the company’s High Power Density (HPD) engine brake. The company says that this new HPD option provides heavy vehicles with significantly higher levels of supplemental braking force than traditional compression release braking, but with less complexity and cost than Two-Stroke HPD. As with

Jacobs Vehicle Systems to supply Daimler with engine braking system

Jacobs Vehicle Systems and Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) have signed a new 10-year supplier agreement. The partnership between Jacobs and Daimler began in 1962 when engine brakes were first installed on a Detroit Diesel Series 71 engine in an aftermarket application. Since the early 1980s, Jacobs Engine Brakes have been standard equipment starting with the

Jacobs announces optimized engine brake system for Cummins X15

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has announced an optimized engine brake for the 2017 Cummins X15 engine. Jacobs’ and Cummins’ engineers worked together to optimize the performance of the engine brake, and according to the companies, the 2017 X15 capitalizes on the optimization of the VGT and the braking cam to deliver approximately 10% additional braking power at engine speeds