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Fleet Advantage on the impact of decarbonization, GHG regulations and electrification on truck lifecycles

FE caught up with Fleet Advantage to talk about the latest developments in the truck market, how electrification and emissions goals will affect truck lifecycles, and a few other topics at the TMC Fall Meeting in Cleveland in September. Below is our Q&A with Al Barner, senior vice president of business development at Fleet Advantage.

How long should you be running your trucks?

New truck demand continues to boom as production challenges continue to loom. The evolution of truck technology is the constant—improved safety systems and improved efficiency all add up to savings. Pre-pandemic, a four- to five-year new truck lifecycle was common among carriers, but that’s starting to change as fleets take a long, hard look at

Podcast: What new hours of service regulations mean for your trucks’ lifecycles

After FMCSA’s recent revision to the rules, you may be wondering how the soon-to-be-implemented hours of service regulations will impact your trucks. If you’re a regional haul fleet, you’ll have more opportunities to run them, so what does this mean for the trucks’ lifecycles? To answer this, FE spoke with Jim Griffin, COO and CTO

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Using business intelligence to lower total cost of ownership on Class 8 trucks

Over the last several years, many in the fleet industry has begun to realize a shift in the way truck lifecycle and tractor longevity is viewed. Fewer fleets are purchasing trucks as assets and holding onto them for longer periods to squeeze every ounce of operation from the unit. This philosophy was believed to help

Watch: Fleet Advantage Lifecycle Management Software walkthrough

Fleet Advantage recently added predictive Lifecycle Management Software (LMS) to its ATLAAS platform (Advanced Truck Lifecycle Administrative Analytics Software). This software notifies fleets months in advance of when an individual truck or group of trucks will reach their tipping point, the point at which a truck reaches economic obsolescence, and costs more to operate than

Podcast: Making smart decisions about when to replace your older trucks

One of the most important considerations for fleet managers is how long you want to keep your trucks. Are you the type of fleet who wants to run every truck for a million miles, or do you want to keep a tight trade-in cycle so you’re almost always operating relatively new equipment. In this episode of the Fleet Future podcast, we spoke with Jim Griffin, chief operating officer and chief technology officer for Fleet Advantage, to ask him about how Fleet Advantage evaluates truck life cycles, and what fleets should be looking for.

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In-house vs. outsourced maintenance and how analytics can help

The decision whether to leverage internal resources for truck maintenance versus taking an outsourced approach is a major one for fleets. Has the advent of data analytics for transportation fleets changed this decision-making process at all?

Time to turn around?

At the Technology & Maintenance Council Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, the latest and greatest products were on display and many of them aimed at tackling a fleet manager’s biggest headache: Downtime. While efficiency is often one of the most talked about truck buzz word, there’s no gain in efficiency that can offset a

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