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LSI Chemical introduces TotalArmorW7 diesel fuel additive

LSI Chemical has released TotalArmorW7, a new winter blend diesel fuel aftermarket additive formulated for operability in freezing temperatures while also improving other important characteristics of diesel fuel. Developed for refineries and fuel jobbers, or for private label use, LSI says TotalArmorW7 provides consistent winter operability and increases cetane up to seven points for improved

LSI Chemical offers new cold flow improver for diesel fuel

LSI Chemical now offers a cold flow improver diesel fuel additive, ArcticArmor523, that can be added to any diesel or biodiesel blend to improve cold-weather performance. The company says this diesel fuel additive improves the operation of any diesel engine in extreme temperatures by improving two indicators of performance in diesel fuel, the cold filter

Lubrication Specialties Inc. forms LSI Chemical

Lubrication Specialties Inc. (LSI) has announced the creation of LSI Chemical. The company says that LSI Chemical will be focused on Nano additive technology and development of innovative base oils through product development, partnerships and acquisition opportunities. The company says new products planned by LSI Chemical will incorporate the company’s true Nano technology, colorless Nano