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Fuel Ox introduces biodegradable plant-based asphalt and tar remover for vocational applications

Tar-minator, fortified with Infinity Lube HDI 2500, treats the metal directly through a microscopic chemical reaction.

PC-12: Looking to the future of heavy-duty engine oils

By doing this work in advance, you can maximize the benefits that PC-12 lubricants will offer to your fleet.

Protecting truck systems and components from cold weather-related changes

It’s that time of year again. Fall is upon us and on the horizon is colder weather. Next spring, the welcome warmth of the season will bring changes as well. And with those seasonal shifts come conditions that can sideline trucks. That’s a prospect that any fleet manager knows can raise costs for unscheduled repairs

Why your truck’s engine oil volume may be inexplicably increasing

Do you believe in miracles? They say that around 2,200 years ago when the Jewish rebels took down the tyrant king and reclaimed the holy temple in Jerusalem, they thought they only had enough oil to keep the menorah lit for a single night. But then a miracle occurred, and the oil lasted for eight

How big are the engine oil fuel economy benefits?

I’ve got a financial riddle for you: Would you rather have a million truck bucks handed to you today or the sum of a penny doubled every day for 30 days? OK, I’m sure you’ve heard this one. We all know you’re supposed to take the penny because you end up with over $5 million

Why EVs will change the way you look at lubricants

As concerns about climate change multiply throughout the world, pressure is rising in the transportation sector to move toward electric vehicles (EVs), whether they are hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) or battery electric vehicles (BEVs). In some cases, governments are directly regulating the light-duty vans and trucks that make up your fleet. In other cases, they

Five steps to select a heavy-duty diesel engine oil

Heavy-duty vehicles need to operate efficiently, meaning operators and maintenance technicians often review key aspects of their vehicle to identify where efficiencies can be gained. This should be a holistic process as there are a multitude of factors that can impact fuel economy and overall fleet efficiency, with driver behavior, idling, truck upgrades such as

Hot Shot’s Secret introduces 10w-30 diesel engine oil

Hot Shot’s Secret has expanded its Blue Diamond PAO diesel engine oil line with a new 10w-30 offering for heavy-duty use diesel-powered vehicles. All Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond Oils utilize 100% poly-alpha-olefin (PAO) Group IV synthetic oil and high-quality Group V esters for a 100% synthetic formula. Previously introduced in two viscosities, 15w-40 and

Diesel engine oil analysis cannot be overlooked

OEMs and oil providers agree: Fleets that aren’t taking advantage of used oil analysis are potentially setting themselves up for premature wear, added downtime and thousands of dollars in repairs. The fact is that used oil analysis provides invaluable information when it comes to knowing the health of your trucks’ components, as well as perfecting

The tale of the inefficient engine oil

What’s the scoop, you say? Use your senses, it’s this goop – goblets packed with greases, grails ladled to the brim with oils. It seems I have research to do be I to follow through with my pledge to make my truck engines run like new – this all with a little help from some

What to look for in heavy-duty engine oils

By utilizing top-tier base stocks and additives, many of today’s motor oils can also allow a fleet to extend oil drain intervals.

Using the right greases for electric vehicles

Recent announcements by governments and original vehicle manufacturers demonstrate an accelerated transition toward production of electric vehicles, particularly in passenger cars but extending to a portion of commercial vehicles too. Lubricant manufacturers must adjust to this new reality. In today’s internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, there are typically 50 different places where greases are used.