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Lucas Oil releases anti-gel cold weather treatment

Lucas Oil has released a Anti-Gel Cold Weather Diesel Treatment, which the company says is specifically manufactured to prevent cold filter plugging in diesel and biodiesel fuels. The company says its Anti-Gel blend contains wax crystal modifiers to lower the pour point and cold filter plugging point of diesel fuel. All diesel fuel contains some

Watch: How crude oil prices impact truck engine oil costs

Oil prices go up and down at the slightest whim, and the volatility can be nerve-wracking. And, while it certainly does have an impact on diesel, oil prices affect the bottom-line cost of heavy-duty truck engine oil a little bit differently. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series.

Five truck trend takeaways from October

Here are the biggest stories from October focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.

Podcast: Thoughts on engine oil, used oil analysis

November is Engine Month—at least, it is here on the Fleet Future podcast. For our first engine-focused episode, we spoke with Jim Salmon of D-A Lubricant Co., who talked about the new trends in engine oil, as well as the benefits of used oil analysis. Listen below for the full conversation, and catch up with

Tackling engine oil topics: FA-4, used oil analysis, transmission and axle greases, and more

Engine oil is more complicated than a viscosity number. We have a lot to get through, so let’s get to it. Read on to learn about FA-4 oils; the latest in engine oil technologies and advancements; the importance of used oil analysis; and the importance of using the right oils and greases throughout the rest

Hot Shot’s Secret introduces CDL discount

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced a 10% discount applicable to all products on its website for qualified CDL drivers. Now, in addition to active duty and retired military and first responders, U.S. based CDL drivers will qualify for a 10% discount that will be automatically applied at checkout on To qualify, CDL drivers must

Checklist: Make sure your fleet is prepared for winter

Preparation is key when it comes to facing the cold weather that lies ahead. Creating a thorough checklist to ensure your safety is vitally important. You’ll want to include steps that cover best practices, make sure your vehicle is performing optimally, and confirm that all essential tools are on board. The following checklist provided by

Upfitting trucks with oil changes in mind

The process of vehicle upfitting can be filled with headaches. You’re faced with problems like how to make your drivers more comfortable, how to improve fuel efficiency, and even which software to use to predict future demand. We all want to make the best decisions for our fleet when deciding between the latest specialized parts

Shell launches E-Fluids for electrified commercial vehicles

Shell has extended its specialized fluids portfolio – Shell E-Fluids – to support battery electric (BEV) as well as fuel cell electric (FCEV) powertrains for commercial light, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Shell says it works with truck and bus manufacturers to co-engineer bespoke fluids that meet the specific needs of their different electric drivetrains for

Watch: Can you stop bulk engine oil from expiring?

Buying bulk engine oil for your trucks can be a great idea for those fleets looking to save a dollar – but it also means the Oil Expiration Executioner will be patiently waiting in the wings, ax in hand, ready to degrade and contaminate that bulk oil order with a single slice. Is there any way

Hot Shot’s Secret Everyday Diesel Treatment now available at three new retail locations

Hot Shot’s Secret‘s Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) is now available in three retail chains: AutoZone, O’Reilly Auto Parts and Advance Auto Parts. Additionally, the company says EDT is available today at over 1,000 authorized Hot Shot’s Secret independent dealer locations. Everyday Diesel Treatment is a 6-in-1 fuel additive for diesel fuel that Hot Shot’s Secret

The benefits of API FA-4 heavy-duty engine oils

Introduced nearly four years ago, API FA-4 heavy-duty engine oils came to the market alongside API CK-4 lubricants to much anticipation as the biggest overhaul in engine oil specifications in a decade. It marked a significant step change in the development of lower viscosity oils to meet the needs of modern heavy-duty fleet engine designs.