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The added value of remanufactured engines, transmissions and axles

For fleets that are extending trade cycles, and those interested in gaining the highest possible resale value for vehicles being taken out of service, remanufactured components can be cost effective. Recently, with new truck deliveries reaching record levels, the rising number of trades has meant more used trucks on the market, making vehicles with remanufactured

Matchmaking and downspeeding

Choosing an engine, transmission and axles that are specifically matched to work together for optimum performance is a fast emerging trend. When I say “optimum performance,” I mean maximum fuel efficiency with the right horsepower engines, coupled with an automated manual transmission that shifts at exactly the right RPM, and an axle with the best

Mack introduces Certified Uptime Centers aimed at maximizing uptime

Mack Trucks has introduced Mack Certified Uptime Centers, a new dealer service certification dedicated to maximizing customer uptime. The new Mack Certified Uptime Centers represent the latest effort on the part of Mack to keep customers’ trucks running smoothly. “This certification goes beyond just improving diagnostic times,” said Stephen Roy, president of Mack Trucks North America. “We’re

Watch: Truck equipment technology update: Take a tour of the ATA MC&E trade show floor

Fleet Equipment is giving you an all-access pass to the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition trade show floor. There was plenty of new technology to see and news from truck manufacturers and technology suppliers. In the video above, we’ll talk with some of the top industry minds to get a handle on today’s truck

The perfect combination: The Zen of creating the optimum downsped engine/axle/drivetrain mix

Most truck engines, today, run at around 1,450 RPM at cruising speed to provide the 200 HP needed at the wheel-end. Engine downspeeding allows the truck to operate consistently in a more efficient range, generally between 1,100 to 1,200 RPM, while maintaining the same 200 HP at the wheel end. As a result, fuel efficiency

Volvo VNL 670
Buying trucks with resale in mind

“A quality, premium-spec’d truck is going to command higher resale value and helps a truck stand out on a dealership’s lot,” begins Anthony Gansle, marketing manager of on-highway products for Peterbilt. “In addition to greater resale value and desirability, running high-content trucks provide fleets with numerous cost-saving advantages that factor into the total return on

Mack Pinnacle Axle Forward Rawhide Edition
Gearing up for Phase 2 GHG, fuel economy standards

In mid-June, a regulatory proposal for tighter greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel economy standards for heavy- and medium-duty trucks was announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The long-anticipated vehicle and engine standards cover all types of trucks, including large pickups, vans and buses, for

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Volvo, Mack introduce preventative maintenance plans for trucks

Volvo Trucks North America has introduced pre-paid preventive maintenance plans for its trucks. The maintenance plans cover all model year 2011 and newer Volvo models powered by Volvo D11, D13 or D16 engines. The maintenance plan also covers Mack trucks, specifically model year 2011 and newer Mack models powered by Mack MP7, MP8, or MP10 engines.

Volvo Premium Maintenance
Volvo opens Mississippi distribution center

Volvo Group has officially opened a new Central Distribution Center (CDC) in Byhalia, Miss. The $70 million facility will support the company’s Mack and Volvo truck lines and employ 250 people. “The Volvo Group is pleased to officially open its new Central Distribution Center in Byhalia,” Christer Svärd, senior vice president of Volvo Group Logistics Services, said in

Volvo Trucks Announces Model Year 2016 Enhancements for Significant Fuel Savings
The latest in OE natural gas offerings

Revised in the fall of 2014, the Heavy-duty Truck and Bus Natural Gas Vehicle Technology Roadmap by the California Hybrid, Efficient and Advanced Truck (CalHEAT) Research Center operated by CALSTART concludes that, “The recent increase in supply of natural gas in the United States along with a highly attractive price point, nearly half that of

Investing in aerodynamics to improve fuel efficiency

Wind resistance is a total drag—literally. Wind resistance is one of the top forces working against the truck as it runs down the road. (The other factors being: grade resistance; tire rolling resistance; and engine accessory and/or drivetrain losses, according to Cummins MPG Guide: “Secrets of better fuel economy”.) Did you know that every 2%