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Heavy-haul truck trailer maintenance tips

Let’s start here: Safety is paramount, right? If you’re a fleet manager working in the heavy-haul world, you’re certainly familiar with the safety operation requirements of your trailers. But how do you effectively stay on top of it? Well, the key to effective, long-term preventative trailer maintenance is not necessarily a checklist of tasks —

You need to update your truck shop software

Software updates are important practices we should all be doing and not just with our phones. It’s important that your shop’s diagnostic and scan tools operate on the latest version in order to properly repair all makes, models and components. If your truck shop scan tools and service software solutions don’t have the latest software

The processes that make truck dealers great partners

Right now, with supply chain challenges continuing and new equipment order boards as tight as they are, a great truck dealer relationship is worth its weight in productive truck equipment gold. Leveraging partnerships gets work done and keeps you ahead of your competition. There’s a lot that goes into it. You have to find the

Finding the right truck data to improve service operations

Finding the right information with so many data points streaming off of your trucks can be like playing a really frustrating game of “Where’s Waldo?” The multitude of dashboards that are being updated constantly can become very saturated with information and hard to ingest. There are a ton of answers – but which one is correct

Learning the importance of truck electrical system PMs the hard way

The consequences of not attending to lighting and electrical maintenance can be harsh. Getting pulled over for a lamp issue on the trailer or tractor is an invitation for law enforcement to take a closer look at all your inspection points. Lights are one of the most visible components of any vehicle. In order to

Troubleshooting trailer service issues

Trailer brake systems tend to make up the bulk of trailer service issues, with tire and wheel service issues following right behind. While those are the two main issues that will put trailers on the side of the road, electrical and lighting issues will generally get your trailer pulled over. Now, historically, we haven’t had

How Replacing Urea/DEF Filters Can Help You Avoid These 4 Performance Issues 

When it comes to routine heavy-duty truck maintenance, the Urea/Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) filter is rarely the first filter that comes to mind in need of replacement.  Everyone knows oil, fuel and air filters must be changed periodically to maintain service intervals and engine warranties. Unfortunately, some parts managers and maintenance technicians may still be

When things go wrong in truck maintenance: Five ways for instant access to protocols, documents

We confound maintenance by believing the equipment doesn’t need repairing if it is working -but that’s not true. Maintenance is essential for any fleet management success. In light of the recent sequence of events, predictive maintenance has become the need of the hour. Companies are focusing on reducing downtime as they cost more than any

Roadside truck service assistance you can see

Where is the tow truck?! When you have a truck sidelined by unplanned service needs, waiting is the worst. It can a minute can feel like eternity as nervous energy takes hold. Often times, a little information or a quick update can help alleviate the tension. That’s the aim of Volvo Trucks North America’s new

Navistar on Navistar: The Complete Series

It’s a new era for Navistar. Its new ownership, the TRATON Group, is writing the next chapter in Navistar history. In talking with Mathias Carlbaum, chief executive officer and president, Navistar International Corp., it was clear that the theme will be focused, not on where Navistar has been, but where Navistar is going. “Everybody’s aware

Making truck service data visible, actionable, easy to understand

The headline of this post is easier said than done. All data-driven service providers are aiming to help fleets reduce downtime through better use of truck service information, but the above three points of focus are specifically what Navistar is driving toward, according to Brian Mulshine, director, customer experience, Navistar. I caught up with Brian

The truck service similarity between ADAS and aftertreatment

Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, like advanced cruise control and active lane keep assist technologies are helping to improve truck safety, but these systems are starting to create service mysteries for shops as they roll into bays. they’re complex systems that can make seemingly basic repairs like a windshield replacement a costly and time-consuming