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Meritor expands bearing, seal kit offering

Meritor Inc. announced the launch of 20 bearing and seal kits and 70 individual bearings covering various Meritor and Dana axles for customers requiring a cost-effective solution for high-quality aftermarket parts. This offering covers a significant portion of drive axle carrier assemblies serviced in the North America aftermarket. “These Meritor bearing and seal kits are

Meritor opens new aftermarket distribution facility in Ontario

Meritor, Inc. announced the opening of its fourth North America aftermarket distribution facility: the Eastern Canada Regional Distribution Center in Mississauga, Ontario, which the company says will fulfill orders from warehouse distributors and dealers in seven provinces. “The Mississauga center is another example of our commitment to further strengthening customer satisfaction and simplifying business transactions,”

Meritor Tire Inflation System now standard on Vanguard dry van, CIMC reefer trailers

Meritor has announced that the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) with ThermAlert is a standard/preferred option on Vanguard dry van and CIMC reefer trailers. MTIS automatically and immediately provides air pressure to any trailer tire should the pressure fall below the desired setting. In addition, Meritor offers the ThermAlert wheel-end heat sensing technology as standard

Inside wheel ends: How slack adjusters could raise wheel end temperatures

Wheel end thermal events are serious maintenance issues that can be caused by setup, maintenance, driver neglect, road debris or some combination of all of these. Before we look at how slack adjusters may factor into higher wheel end temperatures let’s get this out of the way first: Each wheel end thermal service event needs

How the latest axle technology integrates into powertrains

If the engine is the heart of your powertrain and the transmission is the shifting brains behind the operation, then the axle is the muscle, propelling your truck down the highway. While the engine and transmission get much of the spotlight, the axle plays a key role in increasing efficiency—in both proprietary powertrains and those

The heavy-duty aftermarket is not an afterthought

Sky-high shipping expectations, on-time product delivery, ever-changing logistics demands and evolving technology-infused solutions are all challenges that face the heavy-duty aftermarket. Let’s face it: People bring their personal online shopping experiences into the office, demanding free two-day shipping and superior customer service. It’s no wonder that aftermarket providers have been inspired by Amazon’s focus on

Meritor announces new lineup of aftermarket brands for every stage of vehicle lifecycle

Meritor Inc. announced that it will offer a more complete product portfolio with distinct aftermarket brands that includes multiple price points designed to meet customer requirements regardless of the vehicle lifecycle stage. All Meritor Aftermarket parts brands are Meritor engineering-approved to meet the right performance specs at the right price points throughout the entire lifecycle

Meritor launches aftermarket air spring product line

Meritor Inc. announced the launch of a new line of aftermarket air springs to cover a wide range of commercial vehicle applications. Meritor said its air springs are engineered to accommodate higher load-carrying capacities, deliver improved road handling and offer more protection to drivers and cargo from shocks and vibrations. “The springs are made with robust

Power source: The importance of axles in hybrid and electric trucks

Electrification is the story of the year in the trucking world. From Cummins to Fuso to Chanje to Tesla, serious moves were made by various OEMs to begin the process of bringing what was previously a theoretical concept to the real world. No one can deny that electrification is coming. With new priorities for OEMs

Meritor makes wheel-end heat sensing standard on its automatic tire inflation system

Meritor, Inc. announced that its Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) for trailers will include the ThermAlert wheel-end heat-sensing system as standard, beginning this month. ThermAlert alerts drivers to overheating wheel-ends, increasing safety and minimizing vehicle downtime and costs. Engineered to activate an indicator light when wheel-end temperatures are abnormally high, ThermAlert helps fleets avoid potential damage

Meritor launches optimized EX+ air disc brake

Meritor Inc. announced that its EX+ air disc brake for tractors and trailers has been optimized to reduce product weight and total cost of ownership. The optimized EX+ will be available to OEMs in 2018. “By updating and optimizing the EX+, our engineers reduced weight by 10 lbs. per brake,” said Chris Villavarayan, Meritor’s president for

Meritor announces Mach aftermarket products brand

Meritor announced the Mach brand, a new global aftermarket line of products. “With a rise in the number of competitors selling products at various price points and quality levels, Meritor’s Mach brand will offer a wide range of replacement part options at affordable prices that are validated by our engineers,” said Rob Speed, Meritor’s president