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Meritor reveals FastSet King Pin Kit, PlatinumShield III brake shoe coating

Meritor launched the Meritor FastSet King Pin Kit to support market demand for a quicker solution to aftermarket king pin replacement. According to the company, the new kit eliminates the need for reamers, special tools and presses. With the kit, king pin bushings do not need to be reamed after they are installed into the

Meritor unveils new line of clutches

Meritor has announced that it is launching a new line of AllFit clutches. The new all-makes clutch line includes both manual-adjust and self-adjusting models and covers heavy-duty, medium-duty, light-duty and off-road applications. AllFit all-makes clutches are equipped with high-performance friction material exclusive to Meritor and are new units with no assessed core charge or core handling fees,

Aftermarket brake friction: Know what you need and what you are getting

When replacing brake friction material, Dan Dunkleberger, Haldex Friction’s product manager, says that fleets “need to understand the application, duty-cycle and environment in which the vehicle in is performing. These three key things will give the end-user the necessary information needed to spec the correct friction material for the job. Application and duty-cycle are also

To protect and serve: The value of air ride suspensions

When it comes to specifying the right system, fleets need to rely on the expertise of suppliers. For example, Jim Rushe, program manager of on-highway trailer products at Hendrickson International, says that “Hendrickson has a sales and service network that works directly with the fleet to understand its anticipated cargo and the equipment operating conditions.

The added value of remanufactured engines, transmissions and axles

For fleets that are extending trade cycles, and those interested in gaining the highest possible resale value for vehicles being taken out of service, remanufactured components can be cost effective. Recently, with new truck deliveries reaching record levels, the rising number of trades has meant more used trucks on the market, making vehicles with remanufactured

The truck equipment trend of the year

It’s been the talk of the industry all year. Its importance goes beyond monetary savings by preserving equipment and mitigating collisions. This year, Fleet Equipment crowns advanced safety systems as its 2015 Truck Equipment Trend of the Year. “Fleets are asking about safety systems; the percentage of orders for a collision mitigation radar system for

The latest innovations in tractor tire inflation

All indicators lead in the same direction. A 2013 report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that under-inflation is the leading cause of tire failure. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) cites defective tires as a leading factor in crashes involving commercial vehicles. A 2010 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) report

One millionth Meritor Tire Inflation System manufactured

Meritor Inc. and Pressure Systems International (PSI) celebrated a milestone on Nov. 4 when the one millionth Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI rolled off the assembly line in San Antonio. As part of the celebration, 31 different trailers from Meritor’s fleet customers will be equipped with a part from the one millionth MTIS by PSI.

Meritor PSI One Millionth
Meritor adds self-adjusting clutch to Euclid offering

Meritor Inc. has added a new product to its Euclid clutch line: A self-adjusting 15.5 in. model for medium and heavy-duty trucks. The new clutch, which includes 15.5- x 2-in. models with seven springs or nine springs in four- and six-paddle options, is now available from warehouse distributors stocking Euclid-branded parts and from the company’s website. “The

Powertrain integration: Axle, driveline focus

The engine, transmission suppliers and OEMs work together to determine the ideal operating engine RPM for a desired road speed. This information is passed on to rear axle suppliers, like Meritor, to design and develop an axle ratio that best fits the engine and OEM’s needs, said Karl Mayer, Meritor director of product strategy, axles.

Meritor FuelLite+
Powertrain integration: Transmission focus

While the engine supplies the power, the transmission puts the integration to work. “Integration allows the engine and transmission to streamline communications and decision making,” said John Moore, Volvo Trucks product marketing manager-powertrain. “The transmission is programmed to shift based on the peak torque of the engine and not specific RPM points. Trucks can maintain

Top drum brake inspection recommendations

Safety is paramount, and for brakes it all starts and stops with inspections. The brake experts at Meritor suggest the following top inspection recommendations for drum brake inspections: First, set up the tractor and trailer as follows: 1. Chock the wheels; 2. Charge reservoir to 90 to 100 PSI then turn off the engine; and;

Top Drum Maintenance Tips Meritor