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Spec’ing the proper suspension support

A range of factors impact air suspension design, notes Reyco Granning’s vice president of Engineering, John Stuart. “One requirement showing no signs of diminishing is the ever-present demand for weight reduction,” he says. “If you had told me 10 years ago that the market required a 1,300-lb. slider air suspension, I would have said it

Meritor adds dedicated customer support to Drivetrain Direct program

Meritor is expanding support for aftermarket differential and transmission component rebuilders enrolled in its Drivetrain Direct program by offering more personalized service and quicker response from a single point of contact. “Each member of the Drivetrain Direct Support Team will build a commercial relationship with rebuilders and know their history and business needs,” said Tim

Protecting tire PSI: Adding TPMS, ATIS, TiS helps protect your investment

Fleet managers are well aware of the importance of proper tire inflation to protect tires. Many are earlier adopters of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and/or automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS or TIS). Choosing the right systems for each application is important part of protecting your investment, but which one to choose? Picking the right

Stemco ATIS System Tire
Optimizing suspensions to lower total cost of ownership

As fleets continue to seek new technology that lowers their overall total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving safety and performance, notes Bill Hicks, director of product planning/market development for the Trailer Suspension Business Unit at SAF-Holland, suspension/axle suppliers are responding with a total system integration approach. “This presents opportunities for matching and optimizing the

Meritor, Meritor-Wabco driving simulator demonstrates new technologies

Meritor and Meritor Wabco have purchased a reconfigurable engineering driving simulator from Mechanical Simulation Corp. The QuadDS driving simulator features Mechanical Simulation’s flagship vehicle simulation software product – TruckSim for Driving Simulators. The simulator will be used by the two organizations as a tool to test, evaluate and demonstrate mechanical modifications and adaptive control systems

The importance of tire pressure monitoring

Keeping a close eye on tire pressure can also impact your bottom line. Under-inflated tires flex excessively under load, producing heat and increasing rolling resistance, which wastes fuel. Tires inflated 10 PSI below recommended levels can reduce truck fuel economy up to 1%. In addition, stress from flexing causes fast and uneven wear, shortening the

Spec’ing suspensions and lift axles to meeting bridge formula laws, improve durability

Enacted by Congress in 1975 to limit the weight-to-length ratio of a vehicle crossing a bridge and to provide a consistent way to determine the maximum allowable weight that any set of axles on a vehicle may carry on the Interstate highway system, the Bridge Formula has had an impact on axle and suspension design

Tire Suspension Solutions SAF
Designing programs to avoid CSA violations

A 2013 CSA Violation Study by Vigillo, which provides a widely used CSA reporting system that aggregates, organizes and delivers fleet safety information in a suite of CSA Scorecards, reveals that maintenance related issues make up over 80% of all violations among all seven BASICs, or Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories. Furthermore, notes Steve Bryan,

Managing tires matters: Products and systems to ensure uptime, lower operating costs

With well over one million tires on the road, it’s highly appropriate that Ryder System’s vice president of supply management, Scott Perry, uses the word “dynamic” when he’s describing the company’s extensive Total Tire Management program. “With a commercial fleet nearing 200,000 vehicles, we have approximately 1.25 million tires in our system,” he says. “Needless

Ryder’s Total Tire Management program also involves a proactive and comprehensive approach
Meritor mobile training truck travels to St. Louis for city-wide training session

Meritor‘s mobile training truck, unveiled at HDAW 2014, will be in St. Louis on June 18 for a city-wide training session covering eight distinct brake subjects. The sessions will be lead by Rick Martin, training manager. The event is a part of Meritor’s larger initiative to provide truck technicians with necessary training. More than 731 truck technicians

Meritor mobile training truck visits St. Louis for training session
Meritor renames braking systems and announces product enhancements

Meritor is renaming and enhancing two braking products to help customers identify these products and improve their total cost of ownership. As part of a new naming structure, Meritor drum brakes that had been branded QPlus are now Q+; and air disc brakes are renamed from EX225 to EX+. The company also outlined new enhancements

Meritor Mobile Training to deliver onsite education

Meritor Inc.’s aftermarket team unveiled mobile training with two training trucks during Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2014 that will deliver onsite product and systems education to warehouse distributors, independent service garages and fleets in the U.S. and Canada. According to the company, each of the Nissan high-roof NV3500 trucks, wrapped in Meritor trailer decals,